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Inundated by relatives + hypothyroidism diagnoses = procrastination and exhaustion

How shitty the hay looks is proportionally related to how pissed I was getting at ClipStudio for not working correctly.
2 pages in one day?!
The era of painted backgrounds has begun
Nothing worse than a boot to the chest.

So, it's been, uhhhh...half a year? Yeah, shit went south in real life. I (the artist) got amazingly sick and had to have my gallbladder out, then my depression kicked into maximum overdrive, but things are better now, and we're back. We'll always be back.
Referenced from the beginning of GNG where puppy Gin gets thrown into the air and into what appears to be a wormhole.
First of 2 pages I finished today. Been dealing with my usual anxiety and depression, and haven't been feeling too up to snuff.

And then that culminated in a trip to the ER last night because I was dry-heaving at work and having abdominal pains so bad I couldn't stand up straight. Spend eleventy-billion hours waiting on bloodwork and ultrasound, get stuck 3 times for the IV because my veins decided "lol no we dehydrated", managed to bleed completely through one bandage from a failed IV stick, and now I have to get my gallbladder removed.

Oh look, three throwaway characters who will never show up again. Their names are Posey, Snuffles, and Funkmaster General.
Technicolor dog nipples, y'all.
So, the comic's probably going to get 4-5 pages a month on average, depending on life and how quickly I can get them out.

I just started a new job in the exciting world of insurance verification, and I spend all day arguing with computers and automated phonelines, so sometimes it's just "UGH NO MORE COMPUTER"

I' m pretty happy with this page. Brushes and the materials you can download for Clip Studio just make them so much easier!
First actual page is much less, uh...graphic than the otriginal one.


It's been a while, and my art has vastly improved, as well as now using the super-snazzy Clip Studio Paint which will make doing panels and backgrounds eleventy-billion times easier.

THE REBOOT, much like the McRib, is back.