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looks: i have black hair brown eyes short tempered
hobbies: draw, write, read, listen to music, love games
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fav song
tite black veil brides- knives and pens. ^-^
February 6th, 2014
get on this shit
hey you better get on this i like it and i dont like it when it stops in the middle
hell no and fuck no
what the fuck did he just say i should go through my lab to and fucking i mean fucking beat the crap out of him personally
siena kitsusan
poor shuno he being rejected alot by kito. because of tht stupied fucking btch i need to fucking kill her
siena kitsusan
shuno better kill that dude before he gets his hands on kaito. if he dosent want him killed or kidnapped/raped
do it
just fucking do it katio dont be such a wimp. if hes more than a sextoy just do it and get it over with.

other wise meaga ulra nosebleed :D