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@LUCHIDAMA: I'm glad you did! It was tons of fun writing it!
Nice concept!!
@juma22: Thanks for commenting , I'm glad that you liked it! And good to hear that Jesus is your superhero too!
Thanks Again H
@hewley: Thanks a lot for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm also glad you were able to get the message which I was trying to portray in this short comic. Thanks again for coming and commenting.
Another Comic
I also have another comic I made previously, if you haven't read it yet, click here:
Link to Script
Script time~! You can choose the chapter you want to start at from the list, but here it is:
So, sorry once again that I couldn't finish the series in Comic form, but I still hope you can get an idea of the ending. This link is to the uneditted script the author gave me, I guess you'll get an inside peak at what I was working with. (All rights Reserved btw) You can choose the chapter you want to start at from the list, but here it is:
I can definitely see why Hayden would be a little more willing to help Arcia (>>) Just saying...
New Update Schedule
So, my university is in full swing now, and I'm strapped for time, so instead of trying to update one big set of pages, I'll update a page a day--perhaps it'll make it easier to manage. Worth a shot right--anyway this is until further notice so See you later
yaaayyy~~~ that was quick~
She must be so terrified for her little ones...
@donnesha: Oh that's great~ I'm really glad~!! Thanks for commenting
@Zeke: i'm glad you liked it, and thanks for commenting. you can check out my other comic called "New Life", updated saturdays also.
Check out New Life
@Jean: i'm glad you did, i hope you check out new life, here's a link:
@shreego: THANKS, i'm glad you like you like it, it was very fun to make, hard at points but fun~
sorry about that
@shreego: sorry about that, it's just that since i'm finishing the comic soon, i was editting and reuploading certain pages to make sure that they were accurate. I'm still uploading the last chapter on saturday at 2:50pm but i may find other adjustments i have to make so you can ignore the updates for now.
@shreego: Shake my hand, shreego, that was well said~
coool, I like it!
Can't Wait
lol, just when i was getting into it, well i hope ou update soon, i'm trying to make my own series so I know it's hard, but i hope you update soon, if anyone i'll definitely look forward to it.
very good idea
i just had to stop and say very good idea, you grabbed me from tears in other dimensions. It's new to me and I love it, I love the way you brought in completely supernatural creatures into this story, you've a great imagination. Definite Ace on the prologue.