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Hi! I'm Kelly, 20 years old and i like to start making comics :). To check my other art pages, check here;

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    Kelly G.
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Great again! <3 I like the previous page because it's really stylized,but I like this one because it feels more deep... Both so cool :3. Rock on!
Still loving your comic!
So CUTE! And your comic is very loveable <3. The style, the characters, the colors! :D.
It's awesome, so shush. It's your comic, you should be able to update when you want.. so yeah. I'm loving it though, and I hope to see more! :)
Love it <3
Iloveitiloveitilove it. And for the record, i'm a bunny with a hat on. *tips hat* Keep up the good work!
All the emotion! <3 I love this drawing, and i love your comic. Please continue to be awesome! ^^
I read this WHOLE comic in one night and i am HOOKED! You're awesome, i'm faving :D.
No no no no no ;n; NOOOOO!! *sobbing in corner*
I wanna hug him. ;n; You draw such cute things.
@Meam-Chan: No problem girl! I am loving this and even though i'm way too curious what will happen next, I can wait! It's awesome :D.
January 12th, 2014
flhgwr cute <3.
I AM LOVING THIS. I didn't expect to love a parody comic this much! This is hilarious XD.
January 9th, 2014
I like it so far ^^. I'mma follow this one.
I finished all of this in such a short time! You got a new fan, i'm loving this :).
I am loving this so far! This is so cool :D *Reads on*
So curious how it will go on! I love your comic :)
January 8th, 2014
Wow what a great style you got there! Damn! Keep it up :D.
*shreeks* I want to adopt Rat. I just.. the poor thing ;;n;;.
Ohhh poor Dakey ;A; *screeches*