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walk it off?
@Linn: I'm sure there probably is a reason
@Linn: what else would they read when they're bored?
I for one trust the lady of the dark implicitly
I want a steampunk pony/dinosaur!
April 14th, 2017
"sorry I didn't recognize you sooner my eyes were on fire"
@Linn: the way Solia reacts to things amuses me so much
don't be silly you can be her prince and a spineless coward...
I hope you feel better soon
Happy Trans Day of Visibility!
"Damnit i'm a doctor not a prince"

I hope you get into the school you're trying for, good luck!!!
March 3rd, 2017
YAY! updates! I love her skulls
"...yet". dating her seems like it would be full of ominous foreshadowing
@Linn: at least my death would be for a worthy cause
Celia's >:( is far too cute, I would get eaten for cooing at her
This page made me want the cherries from my home town so bad.
nooo not her girlfriend!