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Sorry for the two week hiatus. This page took longer than I expected... and I might have been distracted by the woman's world cup and Assassin's Creed Odyssey....
@Linn: it's actually from a stuffed toy and it doesn't actually fit. It's too small
Sorry about all the words....
@Linn: Demir is a firm believer in hands on teaching curtsies are hard to master...
100th page
Not counting title pages this is the 100th page. I hope the next hundred goes faster
September 2nd, 2017
the squished face of seriousness!
I share her ability to focus
that fourth panel is adorable
@Linn: the afro must feeed!!!
@Linn: yeah I redrew this page like 4 times and I'm still certain I could draw it more clearly but once a week updates are already too slow. So I posted it a hoped it would be clear enough based on context...
@Linn: oh... yeah I've had nights out like that
well that is one way to get free drinks...
@Linn: these are nice thanks!
@Linn: Well it is the most popular book series in the land. I am frantically trying to learn how to draw fight scenes if that tells you anything >_>
walk it off?
@Linn: I'm sure there probably is a reason
@Linn: what else would they read when they're bored?
I for one trust the lady of the dark implicitly
I want a steampunk pony/dinosaur!