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....Creates Sprites,StickFigure animations, Plays on emulators, Loves to rp...

What else? Ah right... Yeah, right now, nothing.

You really did do that?
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    Can't say due to bandits and evil nightmare stalker stuff.
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@Assassin Is Lazy: Five* if you count Shady's "creations"...

...what happened to thoose two anyway
"I can't belive i let you idiots suck me into this."

This. Gokento has been staring at it for too long

Demons can get tired too...
@Smiffy SMF <3: Dear god, The word "Lazy" or
Somethingsomethingiforgot... is not enough to define this guy at all...
That door is fishy.
Something's fishy about it.
I'm gonna go fish.
@Muix: o no he found out
"What an interesting door." -someone 2017
Hotel Gokentio

Gokifying stuff intensifies

Such Gow
Much Kento.
@Muix: Seriosuly, What the HELL is that Roof made of?

It can friggin' RESIST the Impact of a Cannonball, yet it tears apart when someone walks onto it?

Yes, took him long enough.
Seems like Jacques went out of personality.

I get triggered when they call Mobians 'Furries'.

There's a insane difference in a Total Furry, and an Evolved Specie. ;-; I swear i thought that the one with the White Box would be The Gamer.

@WolfryHedgies: "Feels like i have completed my entire life."
There's nothing better than your house.
...Or where you live.
...Or- Yeah, You get it.
-Added some new Sprites.
-Started working on Super Gokento.
@Mister T: CC's face.
Is fucking PRICELESS.
Oh gee, That's an awesome update!
Funny how Shady's Mark is kinda Cracked.
@Electrisa: The fact that The Gamer upgraded Metal Sonic to a Non-Canon state kinda gives us the chance to use him, No?

And no, Metal Sonic wasn't upgraded to Neo, from what i understood correctly.