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I enjoy manga, anime, video games aswell as making stuff in comipo.
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    Ken Ikegami
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Thank you
@Hasegawa: It's been along journey. It's been years since I first though of how this scene would look, and finally I could put it to paper. SO relieved you liked it :)
@Gioneko: I don't know what you are saying, but I just hope it's positive.
And if so, thanks I guess?
Sorry, just one page this week. Work and life is rather demanding of me lately.
Back to 2 pages next week. :)
It's fine
@jamilaP: don't worry about it
@Ephox: Thank you :)
@jamilaP: Because there is nothing wrong with the human body, learn to be comfortable with it instead of treating it like something shameful.
Thank you
@Anime lover: Thank you for that comment.
I missed this weeks update, but I'll will be back on schedule on Monday :)
gracias :)
Thank you
@Pandacasey: Thank you for reading :)
@Gioneko: Thank you :)
I'll keep trying my best
@amystar: t's chan not shan, but thank you for reading ;)
@Ajgfors: Thank you for reading and thank you for your kind comment :)
He he
@SunnySideUpSmile: well spotted, that is 1 out of 4 characters identified.
Chapter 27
This is Chapter 26, the pages are incorrectly titled 27 due to a problem with the program I used to make the comic crashing. I didn't realize it before I had started uploading them and then forgot(was to lazy) to fix it. I'll fix it soon though.
@aryaya:I'm sorry you're brother did that. But you can tell him, I've gotten a lot better (not perfect) in the last 3 years :)
@aryaya: Thank you for pinpointing that out in such a kind way, especially of a 3 year old comic page. It's always good to see how helpful and respectful the community is of non natural English speakers. Have you'r self a nice day now.

I'm just having a bit of fun here...but I'm not going back and editing 3 year old stuff. Everyone just gotta have to deal.
you guys are very demanding huh?
@Guest: It's also 6 in the morning where I am when you wrote this, plese be a little patient. The new pages will be made visible at 11:00 gmt.