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er.. not much to say.. biologic agent?
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humans are terrible in hand to hand combat..

theyre slow, don't have claws and their bite is weak as fuck..

Jen you did no damage at all with your punch, If Victini keep scratching you like that even if she can't get your throat, you'll die..

If you try to grab her, she'll bite and scratche you, the pain will be too mucha dn you'll have to let go..

your body is just too inapt at combat even as a pokemon you still don't have claws and fangs..
OMG he already has Nidoking! So I suppose you won't stick to game team and won't play it like Kangaskhan survived the battle.
ANd here I was expecting Kangaskhan to die during the second battle
Just leave now!! don't make Pluto regret helping you out
Did he?!
Did Kato just tore open a Machoke's ribcage?
Dang they really haven't learned their lesson..

They've been training together, I'd have thought they'd have learned how to beat without killing by now..
I guess Hoopa has struck the same deal with many other very strong mons and its plan is to use them all at the same time to do one great thing that none of them could do alone..
Maybe it involves Arceus.
@Shotgun Chuck
That's not a human thing, that's an animal thing..
We've got to compete for mates and evolution make sure we enjoy doing what we must do to survive because when we enjoy it we tend to be better at it..

Humans among some other species aren't that competitive minded when you think about it..
Imagine just how competitive must be a creature that has only 1 in a 100 chance to reproduce..
Don't ever be Human again N!
Mewtwo! Just because you have feelings doesn't mean you have to confess or act upon those feelings..

If for political reasons, you can't assume your feelings, it's perfectly fine.. What do you think responsible pedophiles and zoophiles do? They keep it quiet because it's unhealthy and unethical.; Just like giving legitimacy to a form of relationship based on subjugation. Don't do that! don't tell him! Think about all the young pokemon that think you're the strongest and admire you! what kind of message would that send them!

Wes! if Mewtwo isn't confortable with the idea of having a handler, just because you have discovered that he secretly considers N as someone worthy to handle him doesn't mean you have the right to force his hand like that! Stupid human!
Dragon Ball Super
Kinda reminds me of the recruitment of Frieza for the tournament of power..
"Is manaphy gonna come back? I kinda miss going through dungeons for blue gummis.......... "


(alright maybe it's because I was a Feraligatr that it was so painful but you just triggered a PTSD there)
They should have sent Jen..
Those panels are so original.; could have been handled better but considering how rare it is, it's normal that you or anyone else wouldn't know how to make it real good
What are you trying to do Bunny?
It doesn't look like a puzzle any of your fan is going to solve..
Medicham -_-
How many humans have you known?

Aren't you even starting to get it, you know about the weird names?

Well maybe pokemons don't know what names are and thus don't think about something they don't understand..
Don't wish to have killed Victini!

Would you wish to have been killed when you threatened to take control over the world!?

Bad Boss kitty! bad!

Besides, Wigglytuff is no small fry, I'm sure he managed to protect the citizens!
@Syntras: within the sound of silence..
Shockbuddy is male according to George!

his eyes are killing me!!!
Called it!
Yes! I was the first one to ship them on page 36 one month ago!
Gyarados' encounter..
Go fish! (please be eaten)

Its going to be a tough battle Atty..

No shit..

Because get this! Gyarados is the evolved form of Magikarp!!

Yeah I kinda.. wait.. WHAT?!
Fish come back! Rat, go!