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im gonna punch vivian but id also let her punch me
I'm moving to Louisiana via family circumstances! So I probably won't be posting a legit update for month or so because I'm gona be busy packing, traveling and visiting family, and then MORE TRAVELING AND THEN UNPACKING!!!! I will make doodles and doodle comics of R&J every now and then and will share them on my profile, so watch out for them please! Don't check tapastic often but always on every other social media website? Go to my tumblr under the same name @cutencreatures
and the thirst continues
yet again im squealing..
farewell my family, just dont go through my history when u find my body
i tried reading this a long time ago and ended up not reading after like 5 pages.... now here i am squealing
i reLATE TO THIS. Your style is so "professional" looking! I love how smooth your transitions are.
looks a lot like the cuties from 19 days. great art :-c)
He looks great! Your style is very well balanced and comforting, which makes him look even better.
Great update btw, it looks like you've improved!