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Hi :3 I'm Thegameres, please call me Gameres :D! I'm friendly and I love reading the comics! I might not post any comic through :3.
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January 24th, 2014
Hope you get better, :3 rest up as much as you can! We'll understand :3!
:D I'm coming!!!!
Happy face :D
xD aww that last square was so cute Happy face :D!
Ahh... so True, So true.... :'D couldn't wait for school to start again xD only place I get off the computer lol.
*Cheers* XD that was the smartest thing I've ever seen xD!!! Good luck making better things :P!!
:D *clapping* Yeah! Good job :D! Go get 'em!!!

:3 Happy New years :P!
O...M...G... xD Just like my dog Mata, a few days before Christmas we had a Christmas party and the dogs' presents where all wrapped under the tree xD and he wouldn't stop whining for them (we have a fence around the tree so they'll not get them) and xD he opened all the gifts for us :'D

~Lol short story by me :D!! Lol I love your comics :P!
The world will never know :D!
One time my brother and I were in NH with our family camping, and we saw one and I picked it up (>:D Bare handed!) and he's like "---- Don't hurt it!" I stared at him like "dude come on it's so cute!" Then he tells me they're rare.... Then he 'accidentally' steps on it later :c...
The one after Roll, the Frolic one... Is it in his neck or something xD? Lol! The one after that makes me think he's drinking it xD
xD ! Lol! Once I dreamed of being kidnapped, but I lost my voice O-o and it was right in front of my two older brothers, and they didn't even help me out... Well Thanks brothers.
XD I couldn't stop laughing about the dog being so cute and having a mind like that xD!!
I want a puppy like this... Can I take Oliver for a few days :3?
Oh god... I remember that as a kid I used to run around screaming "EW!" at my uncle for making out with his girlfriend in front of me O-o.

But now that I got a boyfriend and matures (Tiny tiny bit) and see it like 24/7 in school xD I'm used to it

*thumbs up* Good job with these comics :3!
LOL!!! XD Hi William xD