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I want to draw something once a day and show you what it is. I can't draw as well as I'd like to, but I hope things improve!

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It doesn't matter which way you point, you're all arrows in the end.

Huh. How'd this get here?

Lady Lines
I just drew lines and this lady came outta nowhere.

Only Happy When It Rains
I'm only happy when the news is bad...

Terrible Faces
I needed a new, easy-to-draw avatar.

I have no idea.

Big neck, small chin, bad doodle.

Mister Doodles
I doodled a bunch of old Doodle Chat stuff, mainly Mister.

Cute Customer
I was inspired to draw a lady inspired by a super attractive woman who came into work.

When I finished, it occurred to me that she looks a bit like one of my ex lady-friends... but then I realised that this character is thin.

Poorly Doodled
Aaand this is when I stopped for the night... Just didn't come out right. Oh well, upload everything...

Sabeld Yggdrassyl
An old character for an old game that I sadly never got to see the end of. One of many small regrets...

Miles Off
I have every intention of returning to these guys in the future. Once I have a stable internet connection, of course... Then I'll be working with Switch on Three Miles Away, hopefully.

Doodle Clef
My logo with slight redesign.

Bunny Boys
Alan (@advancedflea on Twitter) helped me fix my laptop, so I drew us in his favourite outfit.

Please understand that updates are still scarce as I'm trying to get myself a permanent internet connection. Until then, I hope you enjoy what's here.

I drew a little thing inspired by my best friend Switch.

That amulet allows the user to switch a target's powers with their own.

Four Faces
Been playing with faces.

Sometimes you just need to draw a pretty lady.

As If She Never Left
I watched the new pony show today. I watched and thought that the big muscle pony was being pushed forward to be the new Derpy... But no. Derpy was coming. She came back! Replacing RD in the relay no less.

Her return is a glorious nod to common sense. In a show that teaches love and toleration, it made no sense to remove someone who was different yet harmless to appease those who might be offended.

... What? I'm looking too deeply into a little girls show?

I'm happy. Leave me alone.

Roger Lloyd-Pack
Roger Lloyd-Pack, famous British comedy actor, 1944 - 2014.

A lot of brits know him for his role as "Trigger" in "Only Fools and Horses", but when the news reported on his death, it seemed that all they'd talk about was that one single role.

He was much more than that one person. My heart goes out to his family, and I'm sorry that this picture isn't as good as it could be... I don't think I'm good enough just yet.

May this great, intelligent man rest in peace.

January 16th, 2014
Drew whatever came to mind.

A Day Out
Another Open Canvas session with Switch. She drew the lady blowing the bubbles and the shrubbery, and some other small bits a pieces, while I threw everything else together.

I coloured what Switch drew, and she coloured what I drew. We make good team.