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a little late again, but here's to the next chapter!

the art style's going to change a tiny tiny bit (mostly the hands), and the coloring is gonna one-up, i hope that won't bother anyone :>
sorry for the late update, but heres the final page for the prologue!
prologue ends next week! whoop!
late update again, ive run out of apologies;
again, sorry for the late update! i was supposed to add this page with the last one, but i fell asleep halfway through drawing it OTL

dont draw comics at 2am, kids
sorry for the late update! highschool is butts.
THERE's daddy's smile.
to all you guys who tried to guess what the letters in the last page meant-- you were all actually REALLY close!! dang. i should make it harder to read next time ;>

(also sorry for the lack of quality in this page! highschool is a really busy life mhmhmhmhmtm)
that stuff's actually readable and in english, just in.... fancy text. hehe
sorry for the late update! school is a butt.

nother page comin up in about an hour
still experimenting with background colors, hope these are working out! ;v;

also welcome to kc's dream/flashback hehe

(i'm also moving updates to Fridays. im only uploading 2 pages today since i have spare time vuv)
lets give kc all the silly cat clothes yas
@IdleIdeals: i'm currently using Paintool SAI, but maybe later i'll consider using other apps to add text and such (or when SAI 2 comes out):>
okay, that's the last page for the week.

my school starts next week, so i don't think i'll be able to update twice a week anymore, just once. (i updated three times this week because i only did one last week hehe)

by the time it starts, though, i'll check my class schedule and see what regular update-date i can smack onto this comic :>

i should be ending chapter one soon anyway, be ready for a dream sequence.

also, i fixed the comic layout (i finally figured out how smackjeeves works yasssss!)
did i mention her parents are missing?

im gonna mention that now
aaaand there goes nate. but he'll be back soon. like, really soon.
sorry its a little late uou

(psst! if you want to get a small sneak peek/overview of the story, you can look at this thing from my blog--! )