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Nah I'm good.
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I really hope that Curio doesn't flip his shit in the next update.
Hmm... it seems like Curio might have someone close to him who's died.
@Arcblade: *cough* bobby fischer *cough*
@Profpatsch: I don't think the rest of the world is devastated, didn't Asia call her guardian earlier in the story?
I just realized that Billy Thatcher sounds a lot like Bobby Fischer. I feel kind of stupid for just realizing this.
Don't be mean to Flux, Adrestia >:(
@Profpatsch: I think the text was slow for dramatic effect.
I kind of hated Amical at first, but I'm starting to like him more and more.
@Miyto: I think "Failure to Understood" is a pun of some sort.
@Don Quixotes: Maybe one of the books leads to one of those stereotypical secret bookcase passages.
How many interactions are there?
I can only seem to find 2 yellow ones, has anyone found more than that?
Private Tour
Do want.
@Profpatsch: I'm guessing it's five due to the name of the gun.
I really like the way Billy is drawn for some reason.
Aw man
I'm on the current update within 2 hours of starting the comic :(. This has easily become one of my favorite things really quickly; I look forward to following this!