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Just a fanboy fanboying around.
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September 21st, 2015
Somthing's telling me that's a "Biatch, plz"-glare.
It is more legible, but I can't say I had any trouble reading the previous font either.
And the resolution looks fine to me, but I have a decently large resolution aswell, so might not be the right person to comment on that :p
Either way, this update put a smile on me face so thanks for that :)
Happy B-day, always a pleasure to see this update :)
Yikes, that's like one of the cutest things I've seen.
Insta fav'd.
Dang, I really have to agree with illumelnati on this one... O_O
Gotta say, I really like how you drew Julian here, I almost feel soaked just looking at him xD
No worries, every time this updates it makes my day :)
When I read the sign my first though was 'This must be in Canada, lol' so the alt text amused me xD
See, Owen, now that's more appropriate pervyness. ^^
Wonder if he'll overdo it on the following pages though...
I gotta say, Matt seems alot less afraid of Julian now that they're on Matts hometurf compared to the orphanage.

Also, I cannot decide which of Julians expressions in panel 4 and 5 I like best xD
Owen; the great influence.
Still, Avery seems like he could use some relaxation in general.
Sure Avery, do it, what can go wrong? ^^
I'm liking Sam more and more, a cutie regardless of gender ^^
Looking forward to the next chapter :)
His hair looks really great on this page... And now he's supposed to cut it!?
I din't get it before I read the alt text, never heard that one before. xD
Surely it's not going to hurt him, it's probably just after that fabulous belt of his... I hope.
Damn, Owen sure knows how to pick a good pre-sex discussion topic xD
He seems messy but hardly scary... Atleast not so far. ^^
Heh, is this Owens definition of being a 'fucking gentleman'?