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Hi. I love Kirby, Pokemon, Animal Jam and Animal Crossing (but I only have Animal Crossing New Leaf). My favorite colors are Orange, Pink and Purple. And my favorite number is 4. About the avatar: Happy Team Rocket!

I rarely go on here now... But that doesn't mean I'm quitting! Wow SmackJeeves have really changed...
Aww now the:
"If you want...
To talk to me...
Pm me."
Thing doesn't work.. Oh well.
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    You can call me Kirby.
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@LilBruno: Yay now I just need to get caught up on it.
@LilBruno: Thank you for replying! I always wonder little things like that lol. I'm also reading your other comic called I Love My Life. It's also cool I just need to catch up on it.
I just found this today and it's great! I hope you make more! Also I have some questions
How old was Sydney when she got Watson as a egg and how long was Watson a Pichu and how old was Sydney when Watson hatched? Sorry for all of the questions.
@Yoskic-: What?
@Axies: That is from Avatar: The Last Airbender! I have watched that show and I really like it.
@Gigi19972010: Kirby444 (guest) Is me btw. And I know about Abbimays Randomness.
@BattleStarX: I love when you answer little questions in the comic.
I don't know..... Maybe..... Just a party for all the Kirbies and other characters?
Again my question has been answered on the comic (or this time in a mini comic thingy). So cool!
@BattleStarX: So, the Waddle Doo on the left is the real one????
@Luigi_96: There were two? And one got killed??
@Gigi19972010: Good luck! I hope you get it soon!
@Nekomata-chan: What is livesteraming?
@Luigi_96: People who use Yahoo and Bing doesn't use Google. But I love using Google.
@Luigi_96: Okay. Thank you. And I already know what Public Works Project is.

Cool you use Google, too!
I have Animal Crossing: New Leaf. But I don't know what a Dream Town is.