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I read manga, watch anime, draw when I have time, play any game that's set in front of me and generally I enjoy life as I go.

I'm a welder, or at least I'm training to be one.
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    Kenneth "Wes"ley Welever
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Good to see you back. Do you have a patreon account? I'd like to add you onto my current pledges and it's easier to do that way. Though it takes a while for such payments to add up until you have enough people following you. I can't pay much but it'd give me a way to give back on a consistent basis.
Fun and expressive as always. I left you $25 enjoy. I don't know how often I'll be able to donate but Ireth and Vespera are worth it.
I look forward to seeing this story every week. I'm always happy with your work. Your characters are so expressive.
Thank you
Thank you for every page you've wrote/drawn. I recently started reading your comic and I've enjoyed them all.