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haha omg this is hilarious i'm dead now except for on skype
I draw and write, kinda. Amateur composer, too.
By draw, of course I mean birds.
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@Ryjora: thank you very much (also I like your changeling art too)
@SuperScratchkat: Well, it was just some casual protective things. Fun times.
suck it y'all we're still alive and well.
Probably. Still have to work on a few works, find out how to undo blood magic, et cetera et al. While we're busy backflipping back to abyss, feel free to enjoy our latest piece of art. As to quote my reaction to either a genre of music, a color, or a team, "suck it, blues!" No Blues were actually used in this work, interestingly enough. Any questions, conversations, concerns-- please direct them to our tumblr. Unless you are, of course, bringing bad intentions.
Yes. You're improving.
@aqua the hedgie: does lex need an intervention
@Blue Kirby the l33t: we're never gonna give you up
the only midpart on a male that looks good
The world was sideways. Sideways, of all things. Whatever.
Is this his real form? The world would never learn.
Facets shown: Jack, Rex, Guardian, and Grey.
And here's the chat link~
@collaborational: oh good you noticed us
@Divide: which is to say nice art
hold up aw yeah we aren't getting those weird painful pangs anymore
@collaborational: can everyone's personas interact one day in some weird festival of insanity
@collaborational: ooh that's a good middle name for jack