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Omg I love them so much.
ITS SOOOOO CUTE!! How had no one commented on it yet? I want it!
This is me!
Every...Dang...Time...ugh Dylan I know how you feel. Guh at least your guy tried to help you...-_-
Yay birthday buddies!!
@Shacra MoonFox: I was so happy my (our) birthday falls on a Sunday this year! And I was praying we would get an update!
Feel better
When life throws you lemons...throw em back. While you're at it, buy some apples and throw those too. In for a penny in for a pound right? lol. But seriously, I hope things start working out better. We will wait patiently...even though I just discovered this today... XD
March 16th, 2015
This guy knows guns, so with the way he is holding the rifle, he is most definitely not going to shoot; rather he is using it to get a close-up on what he saw last update.
Considering how Samsol used to dress, I'm surprised at his prudishness! <3
This is the best thing ever at the end of a really long week. I'm always like 'OMG its Sunday!!! TRANSFUSIONS!!!' I literally had to make my daughter bring me my phone in the bathroom cuz I couldn't wait till I was done. LOL And now the wait begins anew. <3 XD
I just love how you always add in those tiny details, like Joa's tag always being out! Heh, wonder when Joa meets Dylan's mom if she's gonna be like me...I ALWAYS have to tuck people's tags in. It's a bit of a pet peeve for me. Yes it does drive me bonkers to see Joa's tag out, but...somehow it suits him I guess. LOL
Well, at least we know what position Dylan wants to play anyhow... XP
Don't worry Aki
Tama is there for you too!
While Nilla and Jura have their Brony fight, Herz is curled up thinking, "Not dead??" Lol I wants to huggle him so bad!!! TT^TT
I knew it
It was too good to be true. Oh but it was so beautiful...maybe more smoochies?...Still love all of Dylan's reactions though. XD
Even his hair curled more! Ngh! I had the biggest grin on my face when I was on Tumblr and saw new pages were up. Ah god can it be next week already!?
Those pecs are...*drools* uh what was I saying? Man I hope I can draw that well someday...I'm better at drawing women and boys...and I'm getting better at hands and proportions! But dang I'd give my right arm if I could magically draw manly men! <3 <3 XD
You know I just realized something...since I began reading this comic, my work finally let us have piercings and I got my lip ring (that I've been wanting since 2005) and I recently got an undercut on my, not quite so red anymore hair (I'm not dying it anymore and it's faded back to mostly brown). I giggled when I realized I have begun subliminally mimicking things from these two beautiful babies... XD
We have to be 21 to buy or drink and we get carded (or at least supposed to) until we look 30ish
So before I comment, I hope you had a wonderful birthday Nieidanine. I wonder if he's gonna be all like, *scratches head nervously* "I dunno...maybe?" all innocent-like. Anyway your work gives me the squiggles and squees. I'm sure my face is reminiscent of the Cheshire cat every time I get on here and see that you've updated. Update days can't come soon enough. I love how everything is always very subtle like a pot on the stove coming to a boil; starts off cool, then slowly gets hotter and more out of control until it is irrevocably and unabashedly boiling over the top. @.@ oh...sorry I got excited and rambled hehe. *bows out*
Okay now that's just creepy...
I'll always be here
I just may not comment often cuz I don't ever have a lot of time to get on...and when I do, I am checking A LOT of updates (lots of comics across a lot of sites) So just know, I'll always be one of the viewers whether I comment or not. (But I'll try!) <3 <3 <3