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I don't actually care about ninjas.

If you see a guest named "SmackJeevesNinja" that's me 98% of the time.
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Are we finally going to see the 'Mirror Image" filler from way back in chapter eight played out in-comic.
I've been waiting for this for years.
October 20th, 2014
Fight Fight Fight
Kiss Kiss Kiss
I'm so excited for more!
Good to see you back.
Mothers eating young is quite common with a majority of rodents. It is also seen in dogs and cats occasionally. We actually have quite an idealized view of animals (thank you Disney) they aren't as pure as we might like to think.
Speech Bubble Practice
I do agree that it is often confusing for me to figure out the flow of your pages. It's somewhat like decoding, which can get tiresome. This doesn't happen all the time, but has been more frequently as you begin to experiment with paneling (which has been more fun for me than frustrating by the way). I can already tell you are going to be a genius when it comes to drawing action scenes in the near future.

Anyways, my absolutely favorite paneling/speech bubble tutorial is by Little Rivkah on Live Journal. It is short and sweet, yet chocked full of useful tips to put into practice. I would highly recommend checking it out.
Part 1:
Part 2:
The first focuses on creating the illusion of time through paneling.
The second stresses speech bubbles and how the layout of the page directs the reader's eye.
I've been sending my prayers. You have my support. I don't have access to a paypal, but I'm going to spread the word through tumblr. While I don't have all that many followers, my friend has a good 200, so hopefully someone there might help.
Of course you have to follow him to school! You gotta save him from falling down the stairs! I mean yourself? You old body? The new soul now inhabiting your new body? I don't know anymoooOOOooore~
I relate to this page so much.
Also, personality change, hmm?
More questions present themselves.
I'd prefer to have updates sooner rather than later concerning this story. Good luck.
I cannot contribute any money. However there are a few options I have seen a few other webcomic artist go to that haven't been listed yet.

The first one I recommend is Tapastic. It's a relatively newer comic hosting site but is already home for a nice array of lovely comics. They also have neat features, such as adding music to your pages and a really wonderful commenting system.

Tapastic offers two methods of supporting their authors.
1.) Ad Revenue: Where the creator receive a monthly paycheck based on readership.
2.) Support Program: Where readers agree to donate a certain amount of money to specific comics every month.

Main Site:

Alternatively, InkBlazers (aka MangaMagazine) has a tier system in place allowing it's premium and featured comic creators to share in the subscribe revenue.

You would start off as a "member comic", and receive no funding. However if DreamCatcher continued to update once a week and gain a fanbase (or if SJ members migrated) it would be upgraded to a "featured comic" and share in a smaller portion of the revenue based on comic traffic.

"Premium Comics" receive the largest portion of salary, however you would need to be willing to update 15 times a month.

Another thing to know about InkBlazers is their subscription policy for readers. While not required to read member and featured comics, premium comic's most recent two chapters are not available for non-subscribing readers. Subscription money is what is used to fund the creators ($2.99 a month to subscribe). Or if a reader shares a comic on facebook, twitter, or tumblr they can access the entire site for fifteen minutes (almost like a free trial for advertizing).

MangaMagazine also has added benefits to featured and premium comics. The ability to sell merchandise and free print-on-demand, for example.

Main Site:

I have seen several SJ authors move to InkBlazers and original webcomic artits move to Tapastic. Usually when you do this you update Tapastic or InkBlazers a couple pages ahead of SJ or give us fair warning before you move.

Also, I would recommend not doing a kickstarter. Kickstarters normally only work when there is a promising end goal and very high quality rewards. It also can only be open for a certain amount of time so this wouldn't help you out in the long run paying your secondary artist. (However you may if you wish, I'm just giving my opinion without experience).

Patreon can work very well when the rewards are enticing as well. Early page updates, WIP pages, behind the scenes, and even character cameos for larger donations.

Most Successful Comic-Patreon:
Usual Success Comic-Patreon:

You can also open up a merchandise store (bookmarks, posters, books in print). However, that can be extremely hard, especially if your fanbase doesn't have money to spend (like me). It really depends on your experience in this area.

Those are all ways to receive some funding without too much strain on the readers. My friend and I talked about it some and she suggest that you offer the secondary artist a specific percentage of whatever earnings you get from those places combined rather than a set amount of pay. None of these places are the most reliable, so it would be easier to promise a percentage than a number.

But anyways, that is my two cents. I hope you found this helpful.
It makes me smile that you are always so positive about your artwork. There are too many artists that never acknowledge their own work. Thank you for doing what you love and loving what you do.
Kecleon is ghost-type by the last panel. Panel 3 shows him getting changed to dark type. Panel 5 shows him getting changed to ghost. Panel 6 is when he gets double hit by ghost types moves as a ghost. When he is dark-type he is black. When he is ghost-type he is dark purple. The title of the page was Dark, Ghost, Ghost explaining he got hit by a ghost-type move twice.
You are just...?
What are you just?
Will we ever know the answer?
There are probably going to be more mysteries in this comic than I originally thought.
Also, this page is fabulously paneled.
Wow, this is so already so interesting and there are only twenty pages! Really a unique concept you have here. I've added it to my favorites and I'm looking forward to more.

Also, I think crowds might be one of your strongest point in this comic. They might not be the best, but the get the job done in a way that makes me feel just how cramped the area is. Hard work paid off.
I'm fond of Tempus' facial expression in panel two.
Try stealing some from Paranatural. Zack comes up with some great ones.

Fwump. Fwwiiipp. Shwing. Snurkt. Those are just a selection from the most recent pages.

And I didn't take you as the kind to play Sims.
I love the sparkly banner ad for this comic on SJ. It made me rather happy to see it on the home page.
An Update
Uwaah~ I'm so happy! T^T