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I'm bi. I like cherries. I like drawing and painting. I like writing too. I like swings and when it's cold.
I like talking and making friends too. I try my best to be open minded and not to judge people. I love music. I mean, really, I could do nothing the whole day exept listen to my favorite bands and download music. I love trying different foods. I love to buy new clothes. I want to get a tattoo (>w< sooo badly!!!).

I hate heat and humidity. I hate obnoxious people and hypocrites. I get irritated often. I have a fear of confrontation. I am sort of a snob. I don't like having to live up someone's expectations: I am who I am, If you don't like it fuck off. (yes, that's my motto)
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I second what Guest says above me.
And this is why she is my favourite.
February 19th, 2015
@Table: Thanks :), I completely forgot about that part in the storyline, I need to reread this comic!
February 19th, 2015
Ok my memory must be going down the drain, but what is Avery referring to when he said Evan is a rapist?
Has anyone ever stopped to consider for a moment that maybe Rick is just shy? I mean he doesn't really know Sam or Christo, and maybe he's just not the confident outgoing guy who will just start talking to them, and is just waiting for them to make the first move.

I must admit I always read him as a dick, because I thought Christo was supposed to be telling us the truth here, that Rick was a pretentious douche, but one thing did surprise me was the fact that Rick admitted to having feelings for Lauren, because never did it come across to me that he was being leery or hitting on her - in fact I often wondered what the big fuss was about, as he didn't seem too intense.
If I can be influenced to think ill of a new character who enters the scene of one of my favourite webcomics by one of the old standing characters, wouldn't it be so much more of an influence if one of your flesh and blood friends (Christo) started talking this kind of shit to you (Sam)? If you're already insecure on some level, and most people at college are, it will probably grind your trust in your significant other quite a bit.

Also, I think a fair point that seems to be revealing itself is that Christo is in a shit place. Whatever he seems to be running from, I can hypothesise, has probably nothing to do with Michelle, but started well before (does anyone else remember the Spanish/Greek bit?) and as much as friends, weed and good times turned his gaze away from what he was dealing with, distraction is not a solution to your problems.
His blatant focus on Rick, makes me think that he's unhappy with himself, otherwise he'd focus on his own crap instead of meddling where he shouldn't.
Also, I remember the little rant he gave about Rick being pretentious; as long as nobody is shoving anything in your face and being a pompous twat about it, I don't see a problem with being vegan and listening to indie music.
I get the point that Christo is trying to get at, but what he seems to misunderstand is that taste is not a god given natural gift, and that most people create themselves and start creating themselves in college. If Rick wants to create himself into something that Christo dislikes, that has nothing to do with him.

College is the place where you're free and encouraged to create the person you want to be, to move with your interests and meet people who like the same things as you do, and to 'find yourself', even though it's less finding and more doing what you like consistently until you come out who you are. And even then, you're never done, because you're always evolving, always adding new things, and cleaning out the old stuff.

I'm in my third year of my bachelor of arts in university (don't know if that corresponds in the US, I'm in England), and all of this stuff resonates pretty strongly with me because they're all my age, more or less, and I know what they're going through, and it's pretty goddamn scary, shedding your old identity and building a new one. That still doesn't excuse you being a dick, and I'm sorry, Christo is really being one and has for a while actually, well before he and Michelle broke up.
I really don't think Rick is the dick anymore, especially if you consider him having feelings for her. If you got to know this girl who had a boyfriend, got close to her and started to develop a crush on her that grew and grew.. ask yourself honestly, wouldn't it be VERY difficult at first to be able to be entirely happy and relaxed around him?
Consider the guilt, the awkwardness, the wanting, the sadness etc? Especially if there's actual feelings involved, because so far, everyone has been talking about Rick wanting in on Lauren's pants but here it turns out he probably really fancied her quite a lot and is doing the decent thing by trying to stay friends with her because he thinks she's special etc. It's a bloody hard thing to do, if you've ever tried.
He's doing it remarkably well.
All of his concerns have always been toward Lauren, because he's friends with her and because he has feelings for her, she's special to him, she makes him feel all fuzzy inside. He's worried about her, but is always hoping that she might be interested in him. That's what unrequited love does to you, you're always hoping, somewhere in your mind, that they'll come to you at some point. Of course he wants her to come to his house, he wants to spend as much time with her he can, cause he likes her. And even though he said he 'had' feelings for her, I'm pretty sure he's still a bit soft on her. That doesn't make him a slime ball.

He doesn't know Sam.
The only way he's ever known him, is aggressive, confrontational and possessive; we know him differently, we know him to be chilled out and quiet, and that these are extraordinary circumstances, that he's worried and anxious and insecure.

One other thing that bothers me is the fact that Lauren didn't tell Sam about Rick's feelings for her; she probably thought nothing of it because she didn't return them and she probably thought she had a good reason not to tell him, but if you're in a relationship with someone, you owe them loyalty and honesty, and by not telling him, she was leaving him out of the loop. I know she probably had very good intentions, as this is Lauren we are talking about and I don't believe her to be a manipulative person, but her actions were not very respectful of Sam.
She should have been more upfront about everything and that's probably what bothered Sam; then they could have dealt with any insecurity that would have arised together. Provided Christo would have left them alone.

Ok sorry for the essay.. Just it irked me that so many people were being so judgemental about everyone and not putting themselves in people's shoes.
September 11th, 2012
Adventure Time!!! Come on grab your friends!! You are a legend! ;)
I am so curious to see how you render their trips on LSD artistically.. I'm so excited!

I was on acid twice, with friends during my first year of university and it's pretty life-changing. Some friendships were never the same.. So I am wondering how it will affect some of the people in the group.
This storyline has me hooked :)
I just love it when I find your updates and Pictures Of You on at the same time... :)
You guys are my ideal married couple; I hope to god that the person I marry will be someone I can dork out with everyday.
Just found this comic, and wanted to say I really like it!

I'm not a massive fan of Raven, but I Emma is a great character and very well developed as well. :) Can't wait to see more.
March 26th, 2011
This comic is awesome! :)
Reply To Fae
As a woman too I know that sometimes simple can be extremely sexy.
But yeah in this case I think it's because she knows she's hot and that some frumpish clothes are not going to change that.. In my opinion that would be a very Kara thing to think...

Also: it's college! No money to spend on trivial stuff!!!:P
November 2nd, 2010
mmm exited to see who's the giant dude with dreadlocks..

I tried looking for the link for your books but I can't seem to find it?
I love reading your comic Mr Twist.. It takes me off to a world I wish I was a part of. My university life is really not like Peter's, and I wish it was.. all the loneliness, homesickness and feeling like a fish out of water doesn't belong in here and I appreciate that I can come here and dream.

Thanks :)
This is so weird.. I just read the bio for Kevin I must say that I am totally totally like him. So much it's creeping me out right now.
Only difference is that I look more like Qadira than Kevin. Minus the awesome tats unfortunately.

But they are coming along.. as soon as I have money!
May 25th, 2010
This is such an adorable comic!!
great comic, I just found it! I hope there's more coming!
By the way, who's the guy in your icon? I know him from somewhere but it's driving me crazy because I can't remember!