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I'm an Asian-American who is majoring in graphic design! I do sports and singing and I love music. I'm not sure how else to write this without it sounding like a dating website profile.
Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! I'll be working on final projects for the next couple of weeks so updates will probably continue being erratic!
@lurker: Hey! Glad you're enjoying the comic, I'll be trying to update pretty soon; I usually work on this comic when I'm not doing school stuff!
Accidentally didn't update for a week lol
Hello again! So i've recently created a ko-fi page and it acts like a tip jar basically if you want to support me!
You can buy me a coffee (equivalent of $3) here:
Lol. Sorry there's so much happening on this page--I may have forgotten to do something here
Hey again! Trying to get back into a good updating schedule : )
Well you see uh
Sorry for not updating on Monday! I had to finish up a research assignment for school.
Happy Friday :^)
Happy Monday, y'all B^)
Since I've been feeling pretty good lately I've decided to update again! (also just to help speed things up lol)
So if you haven't seen the other newest update, you may want to hit "previous page"!

Thanks for reading!
Ahh sorry if this page is sloppy!
I accidentally made this page too tall lol. ...
It's been so long I honestly may have forgotten how to draw my own comic lmao
@DawnyDawny: I'm so glad that you've been enjoying the comic! c: I plan on updating real soon, but thank you for the lovely comment! I hope you're doing okay and that life is treating you well!
Ignore the really embarrassing DJ name I gave them hahaha
Sorry for the delay! I was handling finals and graduation stuff last week.
@pretty jodye flacko: Regi's girlfriend at the time
I think you can tell my current favorite color to paint with is orange...
Lord, I'm sorry for all these random hiatuses