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Music, books/manga, anime, soccer, Japanese things, Gackt!!. If you want to know anything else, add me on aim or msn. :]
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;-; i want to know what else she said!
this looks so sad.
and i'd have to agree that the angle is amazing.
I love Liam's >_< face. XD
Ed to the rescue!
Poor Henry.
Please tell me Richard comes to save him. ;-;
Poor Henry.
Devril is scary. X_X
Poor Henry. ;[
This is so pretty even though it's so simple.
I'd have to agree with coolchan, it makes me tear up. :[
this page is pure win.
and for that reason, i'm faving this comic. XD
You're such a cruel mistress. :[
You bring such sweetness to us, but then rip it all apart with a simple question. v_v
I can't wait for the next page, though. No matter how much I hate the suspense, I can't help but not read this..
Blah. You're so lucky. ;-; I'm envious. Japan..I want to go there so bad..
Anyways, Ed and Liam are so adorable.
Stupid mom, she's going to ruin everything. :[
I love this page.
In the next to the last panel, it looks like Liam isn't even trying to run. He's all looking back like, "I want him to catch me." :X
They're too cute.
it's not fair. :[
Liam is adorable though. And of course Ed is cute as ever, putting all the fault on Liam.
Too bad the next button didn't work. v_v;
Liam ish so sweet and Ed is all cute.
I think I'm going to die of all the cuteness. Though it wouldn't be a bad way to die. :X
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :XXXX
That's so cuuuuuute. >_<;;;
Now I must go see if the next button works, I must know what happens!
Begone. :D
>_> She's gone. Now we may have more Liam and Ed and Richard and Henry. Mwuhahahaha.
Aw. I love this page! XD
And why is Josh looking for Charles?! :O
Are they getting it on behind May's back?!
more, please?
I'm going to join the rest of the crowd and say, "I hope it's Josh."
If not, I hope it's Charles, 'cause I love Charles.
WHOOO. Welcome back!
I love the new pages.
So yummy. :X
Rofl. I love Charles. XD
And Metis's expression is great in the first panel.
Can't wait for more.
Aw, Liam is so cute.
Melody is so annoying. >_<
-kicks her out.-
She's getting in the way of everything! :[
Haha. You go, girl! XD
I would've done the same thing.
Squeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is too adorable.
I joined sj, just so I can comment and rate on comics like yours. :X
You're soooo cool. thhhhank you.
Richard is such a sweety.