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Dakaria Wolf
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HA! My friend's a giant, too! She's 13 and 1,83m tall
Holy FUCK that's beautiful
I didn't come out yet, but I know it'll go well, both my parents support me with everything and also support gay rights and have gay buddies and stuff like that. I just didn't feel like the time was right yet!
He called her Rain! That's really nice of him, he's making an effort!
Dakaria Wolf
September 27th, 2014
Ssssooooo hot
I just wanted to say how beautiful this looks! Rain is so cute! I would never be able to draw something like this, even from an easier angle!
I really love Slon, he's adorable!
Does Rain have to be so hot?? AHHH
This of Mugger would be awesome!
@lovelessbutterfly: I can't click the next-button because of your o's!!
Happy birthday, dear<3
That's hot<3
Thank god I'm fuck ugly >.<
good idea
Am I the only one who didn't know what Adventure Time is?
Wait, why are they suddenly talking about ME?!?
I understood, like, nothing she just said