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Dcall X1
Dcall Des V.2:

Hi I'm Dcall X1, Aka Dcall. I Am attempting to get better and stuff. Here's the comics i'm doing:

Dcall Reviews: Where I attempt to try Reviewing to public

Dcall Sprite zone: Where i fail to reboot a comic and make a plot which everybody can work together on.

Diloga Stories: My Comic which Diloga is the Star
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@youngsparky: no, I was just incredibly stupid, naive and inexperienced, nobody would help moi. Perhaps the fact that everyone assumed I was a troll didn't helps and I was not orderly, chunck co tried to help but to no avail. I've moved on,

if theres anything that should be attacked for being bad, its this.
Everytime I Look Back At These I Wonder How I Thought these were sprites...and how in all hell and heaven I came up with this. I REALLY must of been a imbelcile, at least I am better at it then before...Tnx to
Hey look i found a comic
Nice comic... found it when looking for pokemon comics... whats you guys been doing.I haven't been on for. What was it a few months? also whats with anger :/


take a look, because you can...
this is much more detailed and nicer then nigga's

oh the link: /

this was rushed in hope of someone actual noticing me, please leave a comment if need be...
so this exist for a reason
I Was bored
Have not ever shown progress here... but Kenny thought he might get a kind of lonely skull to my comic (Bitmixing: For better effects) Here> page-4/
Annoying bots
So any thoughts?
Thanks ^^(Internet annoying slow reconnect progress)
I mainly did not know to do with this on the first 8, thanks.
Also from those tiny affects I can easily edit does it look good?
That's Kenny, no idea whats with his idea to hit me in the face, but this villain seems to take stuff for no reason...
Bitmix? and this is only for this page...
I'm Calm
So as you can see E.D (Not named yet) is shown as mentally insane? Will Find out later but for now we have more characthers to is a villain with attude and slickness...k...e...n...n...y!
So There the first page, the walking need improvement my 1 pixel size is complication but who cares...Well unless u do so comment.
Page 1...WOO!^^
Made it myself, with the help of game resource of course... also if you notice the box is made by UltiYoshi so Credit to him/her. Anyway Unless you cant find the obvious...Text will change but try to keep a easy format hopefully...ENJOY! also comment...PLEASE COMMENT,I FELT LONELY LAST TIME NO-ONE COMMENTED, So please help and support me...I'm bored.
That can be true but my characther has by imagination traveled dimensions,universes and many weird places. Triactual verse is one of my fav verse, dimensions have the possibility of leading to verses and please remember how I said my FC,and usernamed characther traveled here.but the fact that I was not the 1st and the good comics is why I have faved.
Ummm... The theory that the multiverse exist. Triactualverse the verse that controls all multiverses. Blank is the non exist verse where every FC is created. Dimension travel, is confusing. there two FC traveling the dimensions like Dcall is what I'm saying. That's why I faved.
To gsman
Have you've ever used c++ or a books I can't even finish a book, what have you made in programming,like I have a hard time, too...

Because I'm open to that, but I've never seen you make that (neither has probly ever user known) but if ya have umm proof,ok?
(Finds cool comic) (reads text about authors of this cool place) (surprised that Dcall was not the first to travel between the multi,triactual,blank verses and might fav comic for this reason) fav'd after reading^^
Early devolpment cameo acceptance: I'm accepting cameos early.
Also you think your the best at making custom comic looks,well I'm not but you can be if you prove it and get some credit for it to.

Both at this link (unreleased,so no excepting comics til the desire date or latter (depends))

Edit;THIS link...ops: