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Uiuiui, he's a virgin ...
Merry X-mas
I wish you a merry X-mas!
It looks like Ivo's eyes have changed... I saw it the page before, and now the same. I didn't expect they will change that fast.
Ohh yeah!
Great Story
Well, regulary I am a silent reader, but I want to let you know that I love your story! The characterdesign is realy great! Although there did not happen too much, it is very exciting and I am waiting impatient for the next pages!
"Ich hab Dich lieb" means "I love you"
But in a solid partnership we say I love you and when it is new, your child, a sibbling, mom or dad, or someone else we say Ich hab dich lieb.
Wohoooo, I didn't expect that! Can't wait for the next pages ;-)
5 Jahre
Wahnsinn! 5 Jahre! So lange bin ich noch nicht dabei, aber auch schon mindestens 1-2 Jahre! Durch die super Seiten und die regelmäßigen Uploads kommt es mir trotzdem nicht so lange vor ^•^
Ich hoffe du verstehst alles, immerhin gibt es ja eibe deutsche Version ;-)
Liebe Grüße
look at "the young Protectors"
@SweetNekoChan: I think starting with pareons could be difficult. Look at the Webcomic "The young Protectors" they started very successful eith donatoins for extrapages once a Week. Now they have patreons too an the comic idt dzill free for everybody to see... I tjink a lot of people would prefer to donate they they like instead of monthly
I am looking forward, when they will meet each other :-) nice circumstances
January 10th, 2014
TT.TT this Comic is fantastic and I hope you will continue!