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I'm just a punk-rock Fozzie bear with a hippie streak that calls me out every morning and hits me in the gut with a fist wrapped in my own troubles and a baseball bat made out of my peccadillos. After I lie, bleeding the songs of my past in a pool of my mistaken identity for an hour or two, the ghost of my hopes and dreams passes by to rub the salt of confusion into my spiritual wounds and kick me in the emotional genitals. Finally some wayward moment of responsible thought will carry my broken body and pride to the local hospital of truth where I get a few shots of common sense, a cast on my broken heart, and some pills of friendship. And every night as I lay my swollen head on the pillow of ignorance I realize that analogies make me tired.
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    Mike Violette
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Another comic well-done. Glad to see that you've been busy.
Your style is really cool! Keep it up.
October 17th, 2007
Got it! Nice job!
Frickin Shweet
May I be the first to make a sneering expression and then later explain that it's because your artwork is so good it made me mad, but you were distracted when I said it so I had to explain it again and when I did I spit a little and you laughed. . . . where am I?
October 17th, 2007
More More More!
Wow (not the "WoW" either)
Very well written, my friend. *stands and takes off his hat* This is the first sprite comic I've seen in a long time that made me smile. mean "Bravo".
Love Your Artwork
Well done. I'm actually in the process of creating a B&W spin-off of my comic. Glad to see comic noir is still alive and feasting on the art comunity. Great timing too btw.
Merry Christmas From UnderMoose and Goodbye
I am happy to report that this is the last UnderMoose posting. Goodbye and thanks for reading. We hope that your minds were entertained for a time. Please enjoy the rest of your lives without UnderMoose comics. Do not worry, Funlicker's death is of no consequence to any of you. Do not be alarmed.

- Lord Nosis
Sopwith Camel
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Hope It's A Good One
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Aint Been 'Round Since You Know When
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Be Cool, Stay In School
Next Week: "Christmas Time Is Here Again"
There will be a comic on Christmas Day!!

Christmas Morning: "Me, I Want A Hula-Hoop"
I'm glad you like it. I'm having a blast putting this stuff out.
I update every Saturday at 7:07am (It's a Saturday morning cartoon)
Seriously, very nice!
This Post Stinky
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Tattle Tale
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Warm Smoke Of A Lit Smoke
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