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I adore everything about this webcomic. From characters and story to background. That's an amazingly good work!
Noooo! Not the boat! It was so young... Well it probably wasn't that young...
I'm feeling that they're going to be SHOCKED by how this pupuzzle works...
I think that Oak should start taking his medicine instead of throwing it away...
Del looks totaly interested...
God, this comic was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for book 2! Reading this was pure fun! Smackjeeves needs more comics like this.
Rodney face in panel 4. Priceless.
Poor, poor Raus. I feel bad for him :(
Comic!!!!!!!!! Where are you??!!!
Noooo! Luna, dot die!
Here in Poland, the weather in summer is like that: Rain, Cloudy, Sunny, Sunny, Cloudy, Sunny. And the temperature is like from 15°C to 30°C
The comic is going to be a good one...
May 25th, 2014
Reading books is always relaxing...
Oooooo... a wild Fletchling!
This background is AWESOME!
No Del, say, that Rodney owe you 10,000 poké. You will be rich.
Weeeee, Unown's! Let me guess: It's Unown I and Unown K, right?