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Self-proclaimed fangirl. Likes books, manga and webcomics (basically everything with good characters and good plots). Obssessed over well-developted characters.
I draw sometimes, though not well enough, and I write.
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This page actually made me cry ;-; I'm really excited for the next pages, though I just /know/ they'll make me sadder...
November 19th, 2015
Your comic is TOO CUTE!!! CAN'T COPE WITH IT!
Seriously, it's adorable, I love it. <3
Looks good! I miss his freckles though
i ship them too much ;-; cuties
@GealachGirl: lol same xD
try "this charming man" and "what difference does it make" by the smiths (i love them). and also "when you were young" by the killers and "are we electric" by the kooks. these are really "taste oriented" because they are basically a few of my favorite songs but you might like them, we never know :D hope i helped somehow :)
I'm fangirling over your art and colors. This looks gorgeous!! *^*
oh my god, it's official: their relationship is my "relationship goal".

(also, dylan is looking really handsome in that third panel *^*)
Really excited for this, hope it comes out soon :D
is it just me or she is really wearing a free! t-shirt? xD love her already
@Meripihka: i'm sorry, but i don't think that the fact that dylan doesn't want sex means he doesn't love joa. His reaction is totally compatible with his character: he's a super introverted and insecure virgin, dating a sexy and experienced vampire (i mean, have you seen how joa hook up with his ex-girlfriend?), and in my conception, that must put a lot of pression on him. yes, you're right, he wasn't prepared for such passionate declarations of love as much as he isn't prepared for sex. people, specially introverted, shy people, need time to sort this kind of thing out, but that doesn't mean that love don't exist.
love isn't all about sex (for some people, it isn't about sex at all), it's about respect and the way joa deals with it, prepared to wait til dylan's ready, shows more love than any sex scene would (as much as i'd love one of those too ;)) and though i feel really sad and concerned about joa, i think it wouldn't feel realistic and i thank our wonderful author for how it played out, for not sacrificing her awesome writing, characterization and plot for the sake of sex.
again, i'm really sorry, but as you can see, I'm really passionate about shy and insecure characters and their relationship in a whole. ^^"
Your art style gives me life, seriously *^* it's really amazing how you make each character design different from the other and i'm really excited to see more about those two
lol xD I really like Ryan already.
Also the coloring in this page is SO PRETTY!!!
So beautiful!!! *^* Your art style and the way you color are flawless and, as said before, you deserve each and every one of your fans. Congrats! >v<
I kinda totally agree with you... I love them all until now, because the way they act actually match with their personalities so much and I love it. *^* I really can't bring myself to dislike Tessa (because acting the way that she did not only shows her blunt personality, but also seems to be a defense mechanism since she's "the mistress" and she wants to reassure herself. I don't know, I might be reading too much into it, so correct me if I'm wrong please ^^') or Tonomi's boyfriend (I actually like him a lot - even if I can't bring myself to remember his name lol - 'cause I can really understand his point of view, why he did what he did. Not that that redeens him from being a jerk, not at all, but just makes things believable). Well, summarizing: I love your characters and your story *3*