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Awww poor Mana....
She reminds me of myself with all that optimism she has xP
Warren is so awesome xD

You know Shadow~ this comic has been so entertaining that I haven't even thought twice on MPM ^^ you did a really good job transitioning into this comic from MPM and to top it off, your characters are a riot, I love each of their personalities and the comic itself is very, very funny ^^
haha ofc!
Pfffft you n your fancy gamer terms >< I can't help my I only have a PC D8>
@Daz Keaty
Interesting game though I still hate the way combat is set up in those Square Enix games, heck that was the one thing (and only lol) thing I hated when I played FF 7 & 8 I don't like walking into a battle then having turns...if my partner is taking a turn I should be able to reserve the right to stab the other monster in the head while I wait ¬.¬
lol Amen to the first comment I'd never trust either to save my kids lol.

I do wonder though Shadow what game is it this came from?