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Hello! I'm 19 years old girls in Finland who loves music and draws furs, yaoi, comics, Osmosis Jones, Irkens and her own weird things~
Wants to be comic artist as adult
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And we bring Esteban back. Because I know he is the fan favorite~
@Dragonwolf935: Got it from his mama!
@Dragonwolf935: One. Those are super rarely seen since one tailed males don't exactly get children. No woman willingly has kids with them, knowing their child's position would be the lowest of the lowest
All of you were so ready for things to get dirty.
But no, only cuddling. Kids, you should know Ayumu by now!
@MG: I've never done a comic called "Virus." My short story is called "A Boy Named Ian" and the other one is called "Lili."
But to the question, both of these cases the crossover wouldn't work. Since in those other comics the characters are literally cells and such living inside human bodies so... Way too tiny to have contact with like that
Aaw look how cute you two are now!
Also good job Ayumu, shutting that vile mouth.
Smaller patch this time since I'm out of questions now. So go ahead and throw more~!
@Mg: Between Kings and Queens is my second long running comic project. Third if you count one short story. So far I like this one the most, since the others are bit old and I keep seeing mistakes in them.
Also thank you very much!
Second patch of answers. More will be coming, don't worry if your ask is not here. Though it might not come as quickly as this one.
First patch of answers. Second one up soon!
You read the thing. You know what this is about.
I can only offer answers from Kiara. Ayumu aind my character, he is made by OrchardOfApples and almost all the side characters are by other people too. So at least for now, only questions for Kiara.
And she is not a shy girl. She will answer even the dirtiest things you can think of! Go nasty, if you pervs so feel.
When your dick and brain have different ideas...
Surprise page and early morning update. (At least to the Americans)
Because today Finland's independence day. Not only that but 100 year day at that. I have nothing else to say or honor it, so have extra page instead.
Suomi Finland Perkele
Oh Ayumu.... Not cool. And not like you at all.
Virys bringing in the hard facts.
Virys aint gonna let you slip so easily.
Aaw Virys, you came to break up them acting cute again.
No fucking, just kissing. Ayumu being gentleman as always
We hit the first base, people!
Also colors!
Kiara doesn't pass up a change to be snarky.