Hello! I'm 19 years old girls in Finland who loves music and draws furs, yaoi, comics, Osmosis Jones, Irkens and her own weird things~
Wants to be comic artist as adult
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Normal conversation of old man's ass, nice bonding, stalker on a window....Wait a minute!
@maeriyong: He does. But he can be little...naive of the details what kinda customers prostitutes often meet during work.
Gossiping about her other customers.
Ah the romance
Just one little thing~
Ayumu the white knight over here.
I only got two more pages of this ready in storage. I need to fucking catch up!!
Yeah Ayumu, please don't drink...
Get out and party, giiirrrlll!
King aint a happy camper.
Lil bro got her first.
Oh someone is being smoothie.
I'd like a gift basket >:
Try as you might, Ayumu, but Kiara will only see random dots in the sky without any pattern to them. She can't read, so how could she pull off astronomy?
I was suppose to do actual work, drawings that need to be done, but instead I ended up doing this.
How would Kiara look if she was living in our modern society? (And was also a human)
Now she lives in society she can't really change her looks how she wants, but if she would have free hands on it... I think she'll go down this route.
Surely it's not surprising that girl who grew up in brothel didn't get to go to school.
We got something lil dirty here as we see Kiara at her work.
Oh and that guard guy. Keep eye out. He will show up again~
Not much happening on this page, no.
But hhmm... Interesting time to focus on old painting of the late queen.
Kiara doesn't understand you, Ayumu...
Ayumu is either being nice or suspicious
Kiara please, that is image no one wants to see.
I haven't even drawn your boss in this comic yet, but trust me. No one wants to see that.
Yes, Ayumu. Get on with the fucking! The readers want to see you two doing the dirty.