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Hello! I'm 19 years old girls in Finland who loves music and draws furs, yaoi, comics, Osmosis Jones, Irkens and her own weird things~
Wants to be comic artist as adult
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@nikkimarie: No. :D Useless fact, I wasn't that young
So the law was made by men who doesn't know anything about "female issues." Goody!
Kiara was 9 when sold to the brothel, but 12 when she actually started doing the proper job. Just making that detail clear.
@texan1972: well depends of the country, since in my country age of consent is 16, but in american standards, yes
So many of you were expecting the fiance to be like 12 or something. No worries, she aint quite that young. But young enough for Ayumu to feel like a creep.
Nope. Sadly I still can't sympathize with him. It takes a lot from me to sympathize with cheater, especially when he was rude to her when she found out and later called her a whore when she met someone.
By you being a cheating dickhead.... Sorry buddy, I have no sympathy for you since you didn't watch your dick in the first place. <3
Aaaw. Ayumu aint a happy husbando?
Oh...we're actually gonna talk about the King's betrothal? Alright then.
Back to these lovebirds we go after lil time jumpy.
Esty is plotting here
Bye-bye flashback land. Hope to see you soon!
Also next week we're gonna have 3 pages out again. So be aware!
This explains a lot of Kiara, doesn't it?
Cruel reality.
Surprise page, since I've gotten so much of them done lately.
Kiara's mom is....not okay. She's been through rough customers.
Heyyy flashback land. It's a funny place~
What? She just liked to get drunk. Don't judge.
King's personal mistress hmm?
September 10th, 2017
I'm sorry I wasn't able to upload the rest of the comic here. But now, it's been finished. And you can read it all on my DeviantArt.
Sorry to leave you guys hanging here, but I'm still happy I managed to finish this all.
This page was actually suppose to follow right after page 39. But I figured it would be too much jumping back and front too quickly. So I added the scene with the brothers. So this page was drawn weeks a go