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I have a comic and it's really random.
It's a plague doctor au.
I'm dying you guys
My hair is red and if I dye it blonde it may turn orange. If it turns orange I'm screwed or I could be Strider fabulous.
I haven't a clue
John hates that Dave hoards all the doritos.
Seriously, why do I bother
I could probably buy half the worlds coffee, drink it all, and still fall asleep. Coffee you lying jerk.
I got bored
Seriosuly, I had no idea on what I wanted to draw today so I just homestuck-ed.
I feel the same way about the cats in my neignborhood, I put out a bowl of food and I watch them. I think they are aware of my spying.
Truth is, we don't mean anything until we leave a footprint not made of carbon and toxic waste. Your existence isn't anythging special until you take a step and do that one thing you know is destined to get you somewhere.
4/13 too late
I homestuck-d
Maniacle laughter
Peaches is nuts and she knows it.
Kinda lost control of my lfe
Dean really wants to cut it
My puppy and I do this all the time. Only he eventually hides under a table and we just kinda stand there staring at each other.
Very important
I read your strips everyday and I love them a lot. I see your anxiety and sad strips and I feel your pain. I know how you feel and I just want you to know that it's okay to have hear thoughts. If you dwell on the pile of bad things you won't be able to properly see all the wonderful things too. You may not be too happy at times or too confident but I want you to know your comics make me smile. You matter and every single person her loves you. I love you. It's okay friend, you'll be just fine.
Sweet babies
Please promise me some cute brotherly moments. Or like, protective Ellis.
Poor baby
Poor precious baby Louis.
I'm like Alfred, this is way better than any soap opera.
Precious babies
Louie is amaze and like, I'm screaming bc I think he's amazing and he's my fav. And chip of course precious babe.