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Considering the title, perhaps 'Um!' would have been a better exclamation...

...and might we expect the appearance of a wisecracking, cigar-smoking homunculus (taurunculus?) named Clip? 7@=Q
@Marshal Banana: Since our hero' outfits are rather punk, I think this might be a Classic Rock, or even worse, a Glam Rock - both of which are inimical to Punk... 7@=Q
The Bard Memorial Centaur Center gets my vote... 7@=e
"Don't take life so serious, son. It ain't nohow permanent." 70=e
@Marshal Banana: Tomato, tomahto.... 7@=Q
Please! That's "Post-Life Communications Technician" nowadays.... 7X=e
Careful with the band names: I've already got dibs on KNACKERZĀ®. 7@=Q
Of course, a certain Badger might also be helpful in this case... 7@=Q
Oh, and kudos to Thulssa: a swivel chair is _de rigeur_ for any self-respecting arch-villain.... 7@=e
@Marshal Banana: I believe it was Stravinsky:

"Talent borrows. Genius steals." 7@=e
I think this is why there are so few centaurs in the theater: some of us don't react well when they tell us to "break a leg".... 7X=Q
@Timeheart: It's a standard tactic of the Mother Conspiracy (see "Gravity's Rainbow" for details)... 7@=Q
@texan1972: Now, now, now:

No need to kick a 'taur when he's down... 7@=Q
Me, and, my sha-dow,
Spreading out our phan-tom wings;
Just me, and, my sha-dow:
Got a job protecting arcane things!
And when Enchanters call,
I'll poke my eye;
And help 'em all,
'Cause now I can fly!
Just me, and, my sha-dow,
Wait for what the fu-ture brings! 7@=Q
Nyuck nyuck nyuck! 7@=Q

Now, what power is activated by twisting her nose?
Let's see if it works now... 7@=e
Let's see if it works now... 7@=e
@Salen: Or you could ask any Wombat: they run across these things all the time. 7@=Q
Scarfing down a hot dog just before a race?

Not a good idea. 7X=Q
@Salen: "Ah, yes: it was - A jackal-headed woman with her eyes akimbo; a king sitting sideways on his throne; a drip, with gold-chippe'd nose uplifted... All this, graven on a pyramus with the body of a li-on, paws that refreshes, a tail told by an idiot, and the head of a FOX!" - Firesign Theatre 7@=Q