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Blue eyes and blonde hair. It's the ultimate description! :D
I love drawing, writing, and I want to be an animator. :3
She loves him..? I'm not even sure what I just saw here... xD
Alternate Dialogue
Mewtwo: "These are MY stones!! Get your own!! MY PRECIIIOUUUUSSSS."
Gengar: "Ooookay... (I think we bet on the wrong horse, here...)"
Fourth panel.
Mandatory snuggles.
Her family must have been so proud~
Well... sh*t.
Honestly, just couldn't see something like that coming. xD
Baa Ram Ewe!! Baa Ram Ewe!!
Electric Mutton
Electric Mutton and Hot Dogs
A Lumberful World~
Lum. The flavour is lum.
Amongst lumber, once more~
Wood-n't you know it? :P
XD002... there is something UNPURE about this, beyond a SHADOW of a doubt...
I really want to help... but I'm not sure I can...
I don't know how much I can do, as I'm pretty much always strapped for cash... being a student away from home has huge drawbacks... :(

That said, I really want to help. I've recently gone through three close family deaths, one of them (my grandmother, who I loved so very much and it still hurts a lot) by two types of cancer.
On top of that, Mum contacted me to tell me that two more family members have cancer, and for one, death is a certainty, and the other, death is most likely.

So yeah. Life has sucked all around, and this year has been the worst year ever.

I don't know if I can do anything. I want to help...
I always thought though that issues like this would be taken care of... with treatments, I mean... but I heard it was one of the huge downfalls of living in the US (although I find it somewhat unimaginable... I guess I'm just naive)
Soon to be In Memory
I get this feeling that Jen will result it Medicham hurting Gengar some more.
Wait... "hurting" is such a soft word for what I am imagining... xD
The Lum... is being crushed... LUMber... :P
Aww whaaa?
I caught up already? Damn... this is just like Homestuck all over again! xD
...wait... I read it all within 24 hours... lol.
Hot dog! :D