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I enjoy making comics and improving my talents.
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Go go go Toa GO!!!
I'm thrilled that this comic is back in action! And my boy Takua is back too! He's always been my fav.
Ooh zing!
Get him Hafu. Ha! He doesn't even sculpt. Bet he doesn't even lifthough either bro.
Whaaaaat! A girlfriend? Didn't see that coming.
Such sweet
He's waited for Ivory for so long, look at that smile! He's so happy!
March 21st, 2017
They got chemistry
Oh geeze - don't leave him alone, what's he thinking! I am way to obsessed with this comic.
They got chemistry
They need to be together!
Poor Takua
Ha ha, that Nokama grin though.
A womans work after all is never delegated!
Oh dear...
Looks like someone needs a little lovin'
Oh learned many things out in the woods after you became a monster...SUBTLETIES was definitely not one of them.

Love this page!!
Subtle Real subtle. lol
It's back!
Glad to see this comic is continuing! Love the hair styles and wow - especially in facial features your art style has gone up a level!
That last panel - priceless.
Don't apologize if you aren't willing to help solve the problem Andrew!! Poor Alex. Alex, you a strong independent guy, you deserve better, break up with that guy and let that cat hook you up with a nice guy! Love this comic WAY to much.
Oh Takua
Oh Takua, you silly matoran. Got a bit of a hero-worship crush on Tahu I see. That's ok Takua...we've all been there.
When's he coming back in the series, I can totally see him popping up and embarrassing Tahu in front of the other Nuva's.
October 13th, 2015
The Best!!!
I just can't get enough of this comic! It is the most cozy, quaint, and beautiful comics I've ever come across!

Also OH SNAP! It's the prince and his eyes are glowing! Run!
The BEST!!
A new page!! And it's brilliant - I love how you are adapting these characters! So worth getting up this morning.
Chapter 4
OOOOOH this is so exciting! I can't wait! I've already fallen in love with all these guys! Such a quirky group.
Awe Snap - Lewa not to get all scientific on you...But if those plants were dry enough to burn chances are they they have been dead for a long time. If you were just to pick up some plants out of the ground and try to burn them you would mostly get smoke because the plants are just too full of water to properly burn and give off sufficient heat.

That being said.

Love you Lewa! Don't ever change!!
(also Tahu...hawt)
Everyone has the Sass in this page, Kapura is giving the sassy look, Tahu is talking the sass lul, I love this page.
What a great comic, I love the simplistic art style, the loveable characters, and you really are tugging on my heart strings with this page! Well done!