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QUACK! Hit it's ugardian34 [ug34]

check out the many other things i have ^^

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@Poppy: yeah your right i just forgot to fix that part so i left it like that {i can be really lazy sometimes }
Yuna just an average 14 year old girl, except that she has Anemophobia [fear over men] but just to make her day worse, she ends up having a male neighbor and a dream eating yoaki appears out of nowhere trying to get a ring that she recently found. Things will never be the same for Yuna ever again.

So far i am uploading a page at lest once a day and have a lot of mistakes in illustration and grammar [but slowing improving on chapter 2]

@Poppy: no it's not that i just already had chapter 1 completed months ago and already uploaded on Deviantart. and uploading it in smackjevves takes time since i have to resize every picture that i have for chapter 1.

And thank you for telling me that you enjoy reading this {makes me excited for finishing chappter 2 as soon as possible! }
@Poppy: thanks and i am sorry that i havn't been able to upload more pages because of my inactiveness but i am hoping to upload more as soon as i get my chance