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December 22nd, 2014
I don't know why I never posted this page ...
man this is a lovely page
ashley looks so down though man I just want to cuddle him
REALLY digging the poses/composition in the last frame, looks great
also lolol I posed for one of these panels
awww sweeties
Maya looks super cute in the last panel
HRGGG I NEVER SAW THE FINISHED PRODUCT this looks SO lovely, I adore this style
Ash is hella cute with his hair down, I agree with everyone elseee
Also kind of just want them to cuddle and cry and take a nap and just ... decompress. Everyone is so wound up rn.
Sheee most definitely is, haha. All of this insight into people and how they work but absolutely FAILING personally on any interpersonal front tbh
Also Maya has angry Eren eyebrows oMG so much HATRED
/titans killed my mother/
also he is so precious jesus christ
aiya, providing good insight??
actually, tbh, that's one of her better qualities haha
she may not take many things seriously, but she's got a pretty good handle on people and relationships [that aren't her own]
as always, I adore the way you draw herrr <333
kind of actually feelin' bad for liam
even if he is an ass
PAGE 20!!! One more page and the chapter is over.
I'll be posting it early this week [Wednesday instead of Friday], since I'll be at Wondercon Fri-Sun [come visit me!! Table AA-014]

@renn - stay strong under the wilting gaze of mr. ueno boy
stay strong
FFFFF baby no
also that backstop is A+ still js
Keisha's "I'm fed up with ur shit" face is the best
Like, c'mon
Where do you think we're going
You have your bat
god I still love the shit out of the colors on this page
@quadrant - If you don't mind me asking, where do you live? That sounds like a bummer, and a serious drought in terms of available Asian food.
@Renn - dude yeah drawing these and looking at ref pics makes me starving

@quadrant - YOU MUST! the ones in the supermarket are nothing in comparison to the real thing
YELLLSSS Aiya you are completely unable to withhold excitement over gossip
And hot booties
@renn - I s2g I redrew the food in that page like 5 times [I think I'm getting the hang of it tho]
you look so gorgeous okay you rock dat lipstick
you too Noems
[whispers yes go to the restaurant ... again]