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After 10 years and almost 900 episodes (if you count the specials, crossovers, one offs, tricky numbering and page holders) this monstrosity comes to an end of sorts. Thanks for reading it- make sure you go back and see how all the loose ends were resolved in this final storyline.
When I did the original Monsoon storyline, Longreach was cut off by floods. Currently, Longreach is in it's third straight year of drought and hopefully re-visiting this wetter timeline will bring some much needed water to the bush!
My iMac is still being repaired as well as my time capsule. At the moment I don't have access to any of my background photos to do the strip. Apologies for the delay!
We've have eleven straight days of mid 40s weather and my old PC is struggling. There will be a delay in the next strip unless someone from America packs up some of that polar vortex snow in a post pack and sends it down under!
After a little delay, the final storyline kicks off.
Previously in Monstar: Jealousy had taken over Monstar's body and planned to kill his genetic daughter Flaccid (who was built as a trap to contain jealousy) so Monstar, Dee Dee (aka WonderBra-Woman) and Bunnee came up with a plan to stop Jealousy from coming in and out of Monstar's green eyes. Dee Dee fell, but finally Bunnee plucked up the courage to poke his best buddy in the eyes!
There will be a short break of a few weeks in the strip due to my trip to San Diego Comic Con and travels around the US, but be back here in about four weeks for the conclusion of this story and the start of the FINAL chapter of Monstar...*sniff*.
So WonderBra-Woman is dead...and is now Death!
Will WonderBra-Woman return from the dead? And if so, does this mean curtains for one of our remaining cast members. The Jos Whedon "Two Death" guarantee is still in play. Stay tuned!
For those who came in late...
Ankh is the embodiment of Life and is married to Mort, the embodiment of Death. Unfortunately, Mort spends is days playing World of Warcraft instead of reaping souls and has franchised the Grim Reaper business out. Due to the Death franchisee for Longreach going missing after an encounter with Bunnee, Ankh took it upon herself to harvest souls. When Bunnee was dying of cancer, Ankh came to claim his life and to seek revenge on Monstar, who bullied Mort when they went to school together. Monstar gave his life to Ankh, Bunnee became "undestructable" by trickery and Wonderbra-Woman lost her leg. Talk about a convoluted back story!
Monstar is possessed by the raw emotion of jealousy and intends to kill his daughter Flaccid who was genetically designed as an escape proof container for the creature's envious powers.
Finally back on track with the strips....February was the month from hell but now I can "March" on towards the conclusion of this story...
Hope all my fellow Aussie's enjoy the weekend celebrating what makes this nation great...sun, beer and more beer!
Seven Hundred and Fifty episodes (give or take)...
Wow...never thought the strip would be still going at Episode 750 and while the end is coming, I thought I'd celebrate the town of Longreach which is such an important character in the strip, even if it's only ever lurking in the background. So, as Jealousy (in control of Monstar's body) escapes the PSI, he's heading for one place only...