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Just your average computer goblin that enjoys drawing big muscly men and manly women.
I wish I was that excited for high school. I pussed out and ran back home before I got on the bus lol
Daichi sure knows how to make an entrance.
These boys are BAD TO THE BONE. I mean, look at all those colors!
Fight! Fight! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Let me explaaaain. I had about TWO MONTHS worth of comics nearing complete and my laptop died on me, taking EVERYTHING with it. I lost everything.

SO, after learning my lesson I decided to scrap that fun little arc I was gonna do and make Cena & Friends mainly about Cena and her turtle Shelly. Because dammit, I'm mad >:C
I woke up this morning remembering I didn't have a comic ready for today. I guess I dreamed that I had one made for today, sorry~
I love this comic! I can't wait for the next chapter already~ X3
I've been in a bit of a rut with this comic, but I decided to do a 'shit I hate but everyone likes' series. I did the puppies one, now moving onto anime. Like whatever you like, but I'm very critical when it comes to anime. I try not to be when friends show me their favorite show, but I can't really make any promises.

Also, I'm trying something new with the background from now on. I just need a little practice with it now.
I have no update for the comic today. It completely slipped my mind this week. So here's a cute gif of Cena dancing just for you! Is to be accompanied by this song;
I hate puppies. Old dogs are okay, but puppies have to gtfo >:U

Puppy belongs to TheShippingGoddess on DA
Surprise, Cena likes women too~! :D
I dunno why, but I wanted an epilogue for this. Meet Cena's roommates, Hallow(grey monster) and Jack(jack o' lantern, har har so original).

Hm, I wonder why these guys are filthy stinkin' rich. Maybe you all should stay tuned to find out!

On another note, I figured out a schedule. I'm gonna upload Cena & Friends every Wednesday :D

On another note, I need to have a posting schedule. I'm gonna post a comic once a week for Cena & Friends, but I dunno on what day. I guess I'll surprise you all~
Part 2 coming tomorrow
So I tried Caribou coffee for the first time yesterday. This was my reaction as told by chibi Cena. It tasted like they put actual chocolate turtles in that bitch. I'll never go back to Starbucks now. I've fallin' into the Caribou vortex and I can't get out.
There's so much sass in just one page O3O
No TJ! Don't giver her any sug- AWWWW~ Screw it, give her a whole box of candy bars <3
Huh, I never thought about that. Such an enlightening comic :I