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I'm a girl looking to break out of my shell and tell some stories.

I enjoy writing, drawing, sowing, animatronics, cosplaying, video games, makeup FX, photography, and learning about and indulging in other (especially Asian) cultures.

I'm looking to break away from the fears of putting myself out there and I hope to meet and make some friends out of this experience.

Feel free to say hi and tell me about yourself, don't be shy!
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♡ {´◕ ◡ ◕`}
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    Myl Creates
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@BabyZilly: These very comic pages, no, but there is a certain point in the comic where i'm considering moving to color (which would fit plot reasons).
Now a day's I mostly post to Tapastic since my luck has be much better there.

If you're interested in reading one of my comics in color, I suggest "Death Prince" which you can find at:
This comic host has become my second hub.
So things just aren't kicking well in smackjeeves, but popularity has become far more prominent in Tapastic which I've now made my #1 comic hub priority. to continue reading the comic as it is dutifully updated you can check it out at:
I'll try to,
What do you think he means by "paradise?"
Ucije making complaints
He's just a big baby really...
Always experimenting with panels
it's what i do.
What was that?
Looks like on the last page Elajee has a slight crush....
Keeping ahead
So if you like to get ahead from the 2 comics/week schedule you can check out
which is usually a page ahead from the Smackjeeves hub.
Keep going
There are very few people who visit the smackjeeves hub for my comic, I've been getting a lot more success on Tapastic however...
harsh maybe?
Getting back on track
sorry about the delays. Internet access is hard to come by now-a-days.
A butt spank'n
Has your mother ever beaten you for misbehaving? Are there boundaries to this?
So Dramatic
Ucije being a baby
He does act quite childish doesn't he?
Ucije's not happy
Ucije isn't too happy about all of this obviously. But who can blame him? Arranged marriages are rarely happy ones.
Now we're getting somewhere!
So yes, the first 30 some pages were all introduction and background story of what you will figure out is actually another one but long background story (the female character on the cover is important I assure you, she will come up eventually)

Someone from one of my other comic hosting hubs questioned why was it only Sketaldaz had a ridiculously long name, These other character's names are just as long (aka they have full names) but for the sake of not getting lost in detail, I try to keep the full name introductions at bay.

How do Machucan names work? First name is chosen by one parent, the second name chosen by the other parent (unless that other parent died in Sketaldaz's case and both names can be chosen by the surviving parent), the last name is then chosen by the child machucan's preference to which last name of their parent they value most (but in the case of royalty they will always choose their main lineage (Daz/Diz/Del). So Elajee and Namilnekta were chosen by her father and mother and Del is her chosen last name due to her royal lineage (we don't know if her mom or dad is the direct lineage to Del)
Don't fret there'll be a guide for these cultural things at the end of the chapter. They aren't crucial to know, so the guide can be skipped, but for those who are curious, feel free to read when it comes out.
Is it really that strange?
Dazmund is pretty closed off when it comes to it's neighboring empires, but that doesn't mean they don't trade, so, is Delmand carts really that unusual? I suppose in this situation (having it go down the main chute to Dazmund rather than its trade routes. I suppose Delmand carts also don't go completely into the land of Dazmund and trading shipments can simply be exchanged at the border so in this case Delmand carts going straight into Dazmund are rare.
Ucije spots something
It's a Delmand carriage, what's that doing here???
Sorry for delays
To make up for the delays I'm posting up 2 instead of 1 pages.
So unfortunately I will not have a second comic update for this week because I'm preparing for ACen and will be promoting my comic there. Spread the word and Wish me luck!
ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ ~Myl

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