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Nothing to see here :p
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It keeps happening!
February 1st, 2019
Charmander noooo!!! How can someone let this shitbag abuse the cinnamon roll?!?!?!
Sorry about the bad comic layout lmao
So, umm... if you want to join this silly comic, please put your roblox profile link on the comment section, their power(s) (Please don't make them into an op demon angel Mary Sue or ELSE), their personality and their name. That's all :B
(Troll OCs will not be added)
Changed the text style with comic sans. Let me know if it suits the comic or not in the comment section.
@Burnzer_Playz: No I swear it's nothing! It's totally not demonic and all!
January 13th, 2019
That Sandile looks like they're about to kill the Riolu with their cuteness
@comercole: Ray is from the human world, not Flint

Close friends with Flint, since they both grew up together.
He's obsessed with being in a guild, and would probably do anything just to be in one.
His favorites are Sitrus berries, and hates bitter food.


-Razor Shell
-Ice Beam
-Water Gun
-Aerial Ace
@comercole: Let's just say it's a flashback
@comercole: Ago* Also, I'm open to any criticism
@comercole: If by young, you mean like 16 or below, then no.
@Bluemj61: I'm gonna try changing the style of the trees though.

Ray is your average human that's just minding his own business until he got put into a Charmander's body.
Doesn't really like fighting unless provoked or necessary. He likes pizza and Leppa berries, and dislikes Rawst berries.


A gloomy Charmander. Somehow got swapped into a human.


-Metal Claw
-Focus Punch
I'm so bad at making trees lol
I changed my style back to the one I use a lot since the old one is kinda bleh
I might change some stuff from time to time, like the speech bubbles and stuff