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Another late update!
The name Cain in portuguese is Caim and I like that spelling/pronunciation better so I went with it.
I'm a slowass motherfucker sorry
A quicker update
I literally left the station name as Station X until the last minute cause I couldn't think of anything and then just used a random name.
@M-24: alskdjaslkdj thank you so much!!
@SJNinja: hehe thanks for reading! answers may come. maybe
I'm so slow.. sorry..
@SJNinja: Ahhhhh thank you so much!!! This makes me really happy. I'll do my best ehe
wow this update is unexcusably late
I'M SORRY I suck at drawing crowds (can this even be considered a crowd??) so it took me forever
That's quite an understatement of a reaction, Elias
@Proxy170: ahaha thanks!
@forgotten_cake: Thank you! We'll see!
if this thing was actually chaptered this is where ch 1 would end haha... maybe I'll do like a chapter 2 title page even though the divison is not initually planned
@TwilightUmbreon: haha I guess it is strange;; Thanks! I'll do my best! :D
I had to rearrange the panels because I was having some trouble on the next page, so there's a new speech bubble (rectangle) here...
@Proxy170: Thank you!! I'll hope you'll stick around <3
@loli.pocky: adklsjdalsk T-THANK YOU!! Thanks for reading and I'm glad you're enjoying it ;A; I'll do my best!
Heehee! thank you! I hope you'll keep reading.
what is perspective...