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A huge video game nerd, particularly when it comes to Pokémon. Also a bit of a grammar nazi, though I can put it to work proofreading, if you want. ^_^
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Gotta love the awkward pats

Also, I would suggest saying "again" rather than "anymore". While I'm pretty sure it's technically correct, "never again" is the typical word pairing, along with "not anymore". But I think "never again" fits better, since "not anymore" would typically be more of a response to something.
So now I'm back to reading blind
oh no
"I'll make sure to find out your weaknesses"
-3 panels later is gold hugging crys-
I feel like using any sort of earthquake/magnitude-type move on an active volcano /really/ isn't the best idea...
See, now I don't know whether I wanna go "YES SHIPPING" or "FUCK, FORESHADOWING"
In which Gold finds out he was actually a wanted criminal for most of the comic.
Having just come back here from the final battle, seeing the repeated imagery is a little frightening.
The nice thing about rereads is that you get to think things through with increased context, but also decreased confusion/tension. I'm only just now realizing how horrified Gold must be right now. Cuz yeah, it seems pretty obvious that Crys is in danger just from the last couple of pages... but now I'm remembering Sabrina's little warning about those badges giving him the chance to stop a tragedy. I don't think I remembered that the first time through, and it makes it hit all the harder.
I never realized just how much of an ass Eusine is in this comic until now...
EXCUSE what a rude author comment D:
Ah, the benefits of rereading.
The myth, the legend
And no one understood a fuck of what happened.
I remember being pretty floored when I saw this page. Still have it saved somewhere on my tablet, I'm pretty sure. It holds up pretty well, actually.
o hey it's rage gold's first appearance
Hey look, it's that plot point everyone forgot about! :D
Rereading - why are the hands so nice wtf
Actually, just overall, despite how sketchy the art started out, I'm realizing there's always been a very good grasp of anatomy and expression behind it. I'm finding that I understand the intent of each panel quite easily, which is /so/ important for a comic.
Like, I kept reading this thing for a reason, and I'm starting to realize what those reasons were. Sure, the grammar wasn't perfect and the art wasn't as good as it is now, but the foundation below it all is just so good. I'm pretty sure I wanna make a comic at some point (a friend and I have a PKMN story in the works that might be cool in that format) - I only hope that my first attempt has this much charm. You do such a lovely job!
I'm honestly convinced that Wally is one of the strongest Trainers that has ever been in the series
Literally my first encounter after the trio ran off was Entei. My reaction was much the same.
Hello, hello! I'm here to give you something:
I loved this thing enough to start a page for it, and I'm having a lot of fun revisiting the comic!
I hope anybody who sees this post will come visit and possibly even help add to the page! ^_^