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Currently a student double majoring in fine arts and creative writing english, webcomics is an outlet- not by any means the highlight of my artistic skills. I promise! ^^

I was born in Korea, but 100% american- I wish I at least knew japanese! I suck at manga culture! >__>

I adore: Yaoi, Hentai, erotica, fruit, reading, drawing, writing, playing kings quest, watching Ouran Host club, MASH, Dark Angel and Queer as Folk, fantasizing, oceanography, history, cats, fairy tales and myths, and oooking.

I abhorr: snakes, close minded people, having to work a minimum wage job AND take 19 credits, being pressured, not having enough time to follow all my hobbies!
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I love the way you drew Gail in the third panel! Still a big fan, keep up the great work!
haven't been on smack jeeves for awhile... just wanted to say I've followed your comic for a long time, and I still love it! <3 Also I'm a big fan of the coloring changes you've been doing lately, it looks really smooth and nice <3
Holy cow, look at that sixth panel!!! WAY TO GO!!! *is in awe*
Ohhhh, BEAUTIFUL hands! <333!
Your water is phenomenal! ^_^
Hahahaha, I love his expression in that last panel! Yell FIRE NOAH!!!
Dammit... why can't I have a perspectives class? What I really need is a class that teaches me how to lay out a story in panels in a non confusing way to understand the process/order I want people to see the images in.
Rrrgh. I dislike my college.
Eeeee, I love this page! And those lyrics... Mmm, he could stare in MY eyes and smile and sign those to me ANY day <3
Yay, an update! <333
Glee!!! Ah, I love this comic!!!!
Trufflesssssss! *cries* Don't emo in a cornerrrr! I will come and rescue you from the overprotective mommy o' doom! *cries some more*
Teeheehee... little bunny foo foo... Jelly do you know all the hand motions that go with that song? *glee*
I *LOVE* the background! It's gorgeous!
You know... I love your comic but... I almost love your banner more. Whenever you update I click over to see the new page, but then I get distracted by the banner and watch for that ADORABLE little flick of the tail
*goes back to watching attentively*
Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh the haaaaaaaands! <3! And the hair! *does happy dance* SOOOO PRETTY!!!
First of all, that spinning ruler is totally badass.
Second? I read all of your comics like a die hard fangirl and I LOVE your sense of humor! You're amazing, marry me? lol
Ahhhhh! *uber fangasm* OMG they're all so GORgeous!!!
wow... such a vulnerable and emotional Henry! 0.0 <3
Oh God young Noah is too cute!!!
yay! Color! So pretty! *pets page*
Don't put yourself down on your drawing style. You have a UNIQUE STYLE. Look at explosm comics- those are basically just stick figures! If people are rude enough to say anything about it, like on a couple pages ago, their opinion is pointless. They've obviously read this far, why say anything negative in the first place? I admire you for updating as much as you do, your ideas are unique, and I think your drawing is fine. So there! Nyeh! lol