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I'm a middle-aged computer programmer living Fort Wayne, Indiana. I've always enjoyed doodling and sketching, finally decided a few years ago to start my own webcomic.

I've been married, divorced, re-married, and widowed ... currently it's just me and two cats. Two very annoying cats, who only sit on my lap when I'm trying to draw.
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    Ed Gedeon
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Try again
@Manga Shoggoth: Definitely not it. :-)
Terribly Meaninful Information
Spot the hidden joke.

Yes, this is the secret to superhero sex. More exposition to follow.

Turns out there wasn't enough interest in the repeat comics class. We're planning to try again next year, with a basic and an advanced class. Also coming up in a few weeks is "Comic Book In A Day", which should be a fun event.

As for the vote incentive, it looks like there's a problem with Tumblr. Luckily, TopWebComics now accepts image uploads directly, so the problem should be solved. You should try it out by clicking that button there, hint hint.

On to more drawing.
Art Prize
@TheAuldGrump BTW, I have your artwork of Professor Odious ... email me at and let me know where to send it.
Ready, set, NOT
Yeah, this is gonna be one uncomfortable conversation. Be prepared to learn some secret info about superhumans (but you have to promise not to tell).

The TWC vote incentive will be up tomorrow. Please vote anyway!

I finally have some time to draw for myself; I've been teaching a comics class at a local gallery for the past 6 weeks. All my drawing time was taken up preparing handouts and making lesson plans. It went very well; so well that the gallery wants to repeat the class next month. On the bright side, I can re-use most of the handouts from the previous class, so I should still be able to keep the story going here.

How's your summer going?
I spent WAY too much time on the third panel there. Little mini-contest: if you figure out the joke in panel 3, I will send you a character sketch of your choice.

Will this keep on being silly, or will things get serious? Click on the TWC Vote button to find out.

Trying to draw both the comic here and materials for my class. Keeps me busy.
TWC button
@CFsoftie: I know, I have the same problem sometimes. If you click on the "broken image" icon, it will still take you to the voting page.
Good question
Another question would be, where do you go for pancakes at this hour? (That'll probably be answered next episode.) And for Steve's answer, hit the TWC Vote button.

What have I been up to? Drawing this, drawing materials for my upcoming class, raising blisters from yardwork, going to the doctor to have a suspicious mole removed ... I need a nap. Maybe I can schedule one for next week.

That is the end of the newzzzzzzzzz ...
Quebec to where you once belonged
Well, that's finally over with. (In case you've forgotten, Jane is actually from Maryland, near Washington D.C.) Now it's finally time for some exposition; with any luck, Summer's questions (and yours) will be answered.

What's the first question? Click on the TWC Vote button to find out.

I've been taking drawing classes at a small gallery near my home (Nickel Plate Arts in Noblesville, IN). I got a crazy idea and spoke to the director about it; as a result, I'm going to be teaching a cartooning/comics class later this summer. That means I'm going to have to put together lesson plans, handouts, etc. ... it's going to be a lot of work, but I'm looking forward to it. Whee!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to start drawing like crazy.
Obvious pun
So they're bear-ing their souls to each other? In addition to being bear naked? Or are these puns un-bare-able?

As Jimmy Durante said, "I got a million of 'em ..." :-D
She's really somethin'
There's nothin'-nothin' illicit going on, really. And Jane's disguise seems to be working better than expected. (June has doubts, but she's insane, so who listens to her?)

Will Jane's secret identity hold up under questioning? Click on the TWC button to find out!

Not much going on at home ... working on a new art project, which will hopefully get me drawing more.

April showers bring May allergies.
Is it over yet?
Just when you think you can relax ... it's just one Unpleasant thing after another. This seems to be a common reaction by Mr. Mighty to Dr. U's appearance.

Does Dr. Unpleasant know anything about this evening's events? Click on the TWC Vote button for a hint.

It's been a very hectic month, mostly with taking my Dad back and forth to doctors' visits. Hey, I just hope I'm doing that well at age 92.

It's springtime, when a young man's fancy turns to bracketology.
I bet that's gonna leave a bruise.

What will happen once "Violet Wanda" loses her new henchman? Click the TWC Vote button for a preview! New month, can we move up in the rankings?

I got my tax refund, now just gotta figure out what to do with it. (Some will go to my son; happy birthday Jon!)
How to defeat a hero
Mr. Mighty is down, but is he out? Does he really feel better now that he's had a little lie-down? Will these two villains actually team up? Will Summer ever get to meet Chris Hemsworth? And most importantly, what the heck is going on? Answers coming soon (well, some of them). Hit the TWC Vote button for a hint!

FINALLY got this page done. Sorry, it's been a busy time these last couple of weeks. On the bright side, I *am* getting a tax refund, if the government doesn't shut down again.

Recently discovered the webcomic "Nothing Special" by Katie Cook. Magic, romance, interdimensional travel, and vegetable ghosts.
(Latest episodes are at the top of the list, so start at the bottom.)

Off to the gym for me now!
She's a real knockout
Aha! A new villainess! Who looks oddly familiar for some reason!

Will she actually join the battle? And against whom? Click on the TWC Vote button for a preview! (BTW, can everyone see the vote button? It sometimes shows up as a broken link icon under the actual comic, but still works if you click on it.)

It's been an adventurous week driving. On Monday, I was driving for Uber, stopped to pick up a passenger, and a guy who hadn't cleared the snow off his windows backed into me. Then on Friday, while driving home, I got to witness an accident right in front of my when a semi sideswiped an SUV with a family inside. Luckily, no one was hurt; the two little boys thought it was an adventure.

Hope everyone is surviving the winter weather. If you live someplace warm, hope you're enjoying the warm weather.
@Delta-v: Her eye beams were only out of control when they first became active.

Since then, she's been practicing on controlling them.

They can go off accidentally if she's startled ...

... or upset.

(One of these days, I have to learn how to properly embed links in these comments.)
Have I told you ... ?
Have I told you that I know what I'm doing? 'Cause I don't always.

Who is sneaking up behind Summer? Do they actually plan on fighting, or are they just fogging around? Am I ashamed of that play on words? (Yes I am.) Click on the TWC button for a preview of this newcomer ...

Not much else to say, just hunkering down and trying to survive the winter weather. Stay safe, everyone.
The battle isn't done until the paperwork is finished. The paperwork isn't done until the battle is finished. Talk about Catch-22 ...

Before, this guy was just an inconvenience; now, Summer's got a grudge. How will she handle this guy? Will anyone else join the fray? Click on the TWC Vote button for a hint!

Sorry the updates have been irregular, every day something interrupts drawing time. And I really want to get through this chapter, this is one I've been anticipating for a while. Be patient.

One thing that delayed me ... I discovered Katie Cook's "Nothing Special", a wonderful fantasy webcomic. It's definitely something special! Check it out at

Who the heck ordered winter? Send it back.
Oops, my bad
He may be a would-be killer, but he's not a would-be pervert.

Summer should be able to handle this guy easily ... or can she? Does he have any more tricks up his sleeve? Do those metal claws even have sleeves? Click on the TWC Vote button for a hint!

FINALLY got this freakin' page done. On the bright side, I get to write 2019 for the first time! Happy New Trip Around The Sun, y'all! Here's to a more productive year!

Take care of your hangovers. They'll be back someday.
Fun with acronyms
@Artemis Captain: Nothing subtle about it; this is how they answer the phone.
Carrie Christmas!
Here's a little filler for the Holiday ... sorry, but what with family commitments this week, I've had very little time to draw. Next page will be up in a few days. In the meantime, here's a little holiday drawing I did a few years ago.

(Carrie donated her hat to the St. Vincent de Paul society; a single mother and two kids are currently living in it. :-) j/k)

And please keep voting for us on TWC. Take care, and have a safe and blessed Christmas (or holiday of your choosing).