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I'm a middle-aged computer programmer living Fort Wayne, Indiana. I've always enjoyed doodling and sketching, finally decided a few years ago to start my own webcomic.

I've been married, divorced, re-married, and widowed ... currently it's just me and two cats. Two very annoying cats, who only sit on my lap when I'm trying to draw.
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    Ed Gedeon
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When it all lands right in your lab
The question is not *if*, but *when* disaster will strike ...

Greetings to new artist Elisa Price! Elisa, when you see this, please add a comment and introduce yourself to the readers!

You can see more samples of her work at Http://

Hopefully we can get the story back on track. We need to see if the heroes can protect their "secret formula", what schemes the villains will try, and who is Beetrix's friend Walter?

Insert philosophical observation here.
Look! Down the hall!
It's a Dolly Bird! It's a nympho-plane-iac! It's SUPER MAX!!

Strange visitor from another comic with powers and libido far beyond those of other mortals! SuperMax, who can change the course of relationships, bend steel with her kegel muscles, and who (disguised as a veterinary aide for a no-kill animal shelter) fights a never-ending battle for Truth, Just Sex, and the American, French, Greek, and Every-Which Way!
Hey, it's hard keeping track of all those O's and H's. Luckily Beetrix is there to help them out. (And who the heck is Walter? All will be revealed at the proper time.)

Yay page! Trying to get back into drawing ... the new year also comes with some hardware upgrades, which should make creating comics a bit easier.

The TopWebComics site is having some issues ... I'm trying to post the vote incentives on Tumblr, since Photobucket no longer allows free hosting. Still, please vote for us on TWC.

Here's to a great 2018!
You don't say
@Delta-v: To this day, my sister has trouble pronouncing "Social Security". Which is a problem, 'cause she'll be eligible for it in a few years.
Pharm out, man
I remember when Joan used to call me "nitwit" when I made jokes like this. In a very loving way, of course.

How will the kids take to the folks at Phlocks? Can Gloria even say "folks at Phlocks"? Click on the TWC Vote button to see ...

Well, I'm looking for work again. On the plus side, I've gotten out from under the Fort Wayne house, so that's a big expense off my back. Moved back to Indy with my parents, sorting through all the boxes of junk that I've accumulated over the years. Trying to make time for drawing in between everything else.

It is what it is, except when it isn't.
Why does no company have Formal Fridays? I could do my job in a white tie & tailcoat, no prob. Although callers might wonder why I was talking with a British accent all of a sudden.

What will happen when various groups meet? Click on the TWC vote button to find out! (It's a new month, let's see if we can climb the charts a bit!)

Thanks for all your continued support, folks. All these stories in my head want to live, and I'm trying to accommodate them.
Partial success?
It's been a busy couple of weeks. My Dad, God bless him is turning 90 years old. Last weekend, his friends tried to throw a surprise party (which he found out about, of course); this week, relatives are coming in from all over. It's going to be a busy weekend, but I'll try to get the page done in between family events.

UPDATE: Sheesh ... real life has been freakin' intrusive. Finally got the page finished, hope you enjoy.

'NOTHER UPDATE: I also got a new TWC vote incentive up. Hit the button, vote, let's get back up into the top 100!
Nothing hazardous here
Purple liquid in a silver-topped container? Couldn't POSSIBLY be mistaken for anything else, now could it?

Running a bit late on this update, don't have a new vote incentive up yet. Please hit the TWC vote button anyway, it will bring you good karma and all that!

A happy Friday the 13th to all you triskaidekophobes out there ... don't walk under any black cats.
Please be polite
Negative comment and response have been deleted. I appreciate the support, but please don't fight rudeness with rudeness.
Phun With Phonics
Greta's grasp of language is a bit slippery. However, she can recite "Fox In Socks" perfectly from memory.

Hooray, we're back! New Year's resolution is to update regularly ... at least once a week for now. More if I can build up a buffer. Can we keep up this mad pace? Click on the TopWebComics vote button for a second opinion.

Personal notes: I'm working steadily ... nothing fancy, but it pays the bills. Occasionally drive for Uber on weekends. Still trying to sell the house in Fort Wayne. I've been too stagnant lately ... goal for 2017 is to shake myself up and be more active, make some positive changes in my life.

Thanks for the good wishes from everyone during the hiatus. More comics are on the way!
A bright idea
What's not to lava 'bout this plan?

What's waiting for the heroes and villains when they get to their destination? Hit the TWC Vote button for a hint ...

It's been a rough couple of months ... hard to get myself motivated to draw. Things are improving, though; I'm working on setting aside time every day for work on the comic.

Thanks for your patience, and I'll be back soon.
January 29th, 2016
That was a clothes call!
We always knew Flaccid was one hot babe.
@FuzzyBoots: I do embedded, actually. Mostly in C.
@FuzzyBoots: I'm trying to stay near central Indiana. My parents are both in their late 80's and need help around the house.
@alexob6: Good point, I'll have to edit that!
Now that's a superbug!
Little Philo is normally a larva, not a fighter (I'm getting a lot of mileage out of that joke, ain't I?), but he'll protect his family when he has to.

It's been a while since I mentioned this, but just to remind you, G-Nat's lady, Julia, is fully human. She was just miniaturized by a mad scientist, who grafted her wings on just for fun. Philo has inherited full human strength from her.

Are any other villains lurking nearby? Click on the TWC Vote button to find out!

Wow ... over a month since I last updated. I'm still job hunting and trying to sell the Fort Wayne house (applying for a "short sale" is not fun). Still, getting this page done makes me feel better about taking a couple of days off to spend with the rest of the family.

For those in the USA, have a safe holiday. For those elsewhere, stay safe and hug your family.
October 24th, 2015
A picture-imperfect childhood
Monsoon seems to be going through some wild mood swings in those photos ... could she be bi-Polaroid?
Protect the Purple!
Mr. Mighty has had first-hand experience with unstable chemicals like that. (Go back and re-read Chapter 16 if you've forgotten.)

Will our young heroes-to-be rise to the challenge? Click on the TWC Vote button for a hint.

Well, the house is ready to sell, I'm talking to realtors and such, all the while looking for work. Time to act like a productive member of society again.

One day at a time ...
Let's get real
You can tell Marilee's just thrilled.

You remember the dork, Ken Troubled (son of Dark Ann Troubled), don't you? The other young guy is Herb Rathbone (aka "Rat"), nephew of "The Mouse". What evil deeds are in store? What will our heroes be doing? Click on the TWC Vote button for a hint. (It's a new month, so please help us get back up into the top 100!)

My apologies for my absence. Home repairs and some personal issues have kept me away from drawing. But the house is just about done, and I figure it's time to get my big boy pants on and quit moping. (By the way, reader Guesticus, the reason the "Next" button wasn't working was because you had reached the latest update. It's been a tough September, but I'm back now.)

Drawing on my inner strength, I am drawn to the drawing board. So much draw-ma ...
September 12th, 2015
Whaaat ya wannaaaaa do with this thing Bunnee?
From the day that you're pulled from a wombat
To the day that you're somebody's kill,
You know you've got
To plug the holes in the plot,
Close the loopholes nobody can fill!

It's the circular life!
And it makes no sense;
Though the present's perfect,
Still the past is tense!
With this plot device
That's so convoluted,
It's the circular ...
The circular life!