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All my webcomics are dropped for now.
ChristianAnimeGirl>> Thank you for the comments. And yes, I have shown it to him long time ago. I think (0v0)a
ChristianAnimeGirl>> I'm sorry that the first few pages are the old ones. Hope you like it ^^>
Lol, that's all I drew long time ago. I was thinking of re-making this (again and again *echoes*) but I think this one is better than the other stories that I kept re-drawing since they're kind of in character ^^'>

I'll just continue again from here, and I don't think the style is the same as these few pages.
I think I did this two years ago? or was it last year? *can't remember* Anyway, it's an old work along with few other pages that I'm uploading next.

Sorry for the bad art.
February 3rd, 2011
Oh wow! Alin sure is a fast runner. Good stamina *w*

I will never leave~ XD *hang on to this comic as long as it's here*

Do your best, Miro! Go go! *cheers* (>w<)b
Tessan12>> Thank you~ <33 (>U<)
Travis is so cute here *glomps on him* <333
Hehe, I wonder how he's going to recover his reputation.. XD'
OrangeJuz>> Thank you <3
OrangeJuz>> I'm sure you can ;D
emorock321>> Haha XD

OrangeJuz>> I don't know what I would do. I guess she's too panic to take the water with her XD
OrangeJuz>> Hehe, you'll know as you read along ;D
Selena>> Thank you <33 (even though I don't deserve it) (Q__Q)

emorock321>> Lol X3

Chikage>> Yesh~ *v*b
An actor, model and singer! Yep.

Ah! I spot a spelling mistake. Change change..

Sigh.. the power of friendship *w*
I also inked this page digitally and it looks different than the previous page. (=3=)

I see lots of spaces. I couldn't fill any background since I don't know what to draw for it. (;A;)
iamdea>> Thank you for noticing my mistake. Will change that later =)
emorock321>> Right you are. 8)
He's saying that cause he was trying to help her since she just fainted. ^^a
Okay, my first complete digital inked page. Lots of mistakes here and there XD
Lol, door got damage again XDD
This made my day too! Great story, Reus ;Db
October 30th, 2010
I can't wait to know why Augutine became evil (*0*)
Gasp! Thorn is the master of all evil +___+
That guy? WHo who? *eager for more* XDD
Page 10: Heal the world of bday XD
Page 11: Not at all. In fact, I find it cute XD

Ooo~ New charas *w*