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Hi, hello, how are ya?
My name is Ashley (although I go by numerous other aliases - Kat, mostly). I like to draw traditionally, although I'm trying to spread my wings with digital art. I like the usual stuff you would expect - anime, cartoons, the Pokemans, video games, so on and so forth. I'm currently attending college and going for an Art & Technology degree. Hopefully I'll get into animation or video game design or something.
Aaaand, yeah. That pretty much sums up the general stuff. I hope you guys enjoy my comics, and I look forward to reading yours. c:
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I love all of the neat little things to notice about this comic. c: It's really interesting.
Like the fact that Julienne's head area is like a ballerina foot.
October 15th, 2014
This update is a couple of days late, and I'll make no excuses for myself. uu;
I wish these college projects weren't so crazy...
October 7th, 2014
I thought I would have time to do more to fix this, but I don't want to keep you all waiting any longer. I have the next page ready to go, though, so you won't have to wait /as long/ as you waited for this one. Debating updating this Friday or next Monday, depending on whether I can get the next comic done by then.
I promise these will get better. xc

August 25th, 2014
First actual page.
The action begins!
Why is it so late?
Who is this mysterious person?
I'm just kidding; most of this is pretty obvious.
Also, I took way too long to do this because school and blah.
First Chapter
So, as compensation for updating late on a Monday night (even if it was because I was moving into my new apartment) here's an extra update just for you guys. c:
Alons-y! >:D
Alrighty, time to get things going!
Also, all of the background drawings are drawings I've done over the past few years. xD
Thumbs up. c:
I'm actually really enjoying this new style. It's a little more cartoony, but also smooth.
I also love George, just because George.
One more page to go.
I'm not sure how long introductions are, but this one is nearing it's end.
Then the story starts. :D
I'm really happy with how this page turned out, considering it took thirty minutes to draw and then thirty minutes to color. xD
@Nekomania64: Only time will tell…
And thank you! ^u^ I'm going to try to update it every Monday if I can, so I hope you enjoy future updates~
@tankid2: Oh, thank goodness. I was really worried about how well that would mix, especially considering I don't have the greatest skills in regards to digital art. ^^;
I'm really glad you are enjoying it so far, though. I'll have another page up tomorrow, and then one more before the actual story starts. c:
@tankid2: Oh, wow. Thank you. ^///^
I'm going to try to keep up with this, and hopefully get to a point where I can update regularly. c:
This didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I've taken too long on it, and I want to work on the next pages. Hopefully I'll figure this out more as I go along.
Also, this wasn't in the originally dialogue, but I thought it would sound cooly.
I'm not sure if anyone else has already said this, but I'm thinkin' forest fire, you guys.
I know a lot of comics have their own way of introducing their world and stuff, and I figured for my first comic, I would go with the way I was introduced to Soul Silver. It's all the same dialogue, sans the Professor. I was originally going to put him there, and do this all on the computer, but sketching it out and just adding some computer touches is a lot faster and I want to try to update frequently (sortof).
Anyway, here is my very first page for my very first comic. I hope you enjoy it. c:
First page ever.
Here we go.
Time to start this journey.
That is incredibly accurate. o:
At least it alerts you when to stack up on some New-tella.