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Just a simple animation I made for my streaming channel on Picarto. Was a lot of fun making my character and his new design, hoping to make a full reference sheet of him to make a fursuit. x3
@Exerkol @Whip the Rabbit: Ah yeah, that might be the problem. I've never really messed around with shelled characters, so it's a new concept to me.

Thanks for pointing that out, guys!
Entered a revamping contest over on DA, and I got this as a prize for 1st place. It's an Armadillo Character, very different to me and trying to do my best to make his shell thing stand out. lol

I need to know if anything needs to be adjusted so things stand out better.
@Dregan: I'd be happy to make some tutorials on how I do my fire. c:

Though, the fire here looks more like a torch for flame thrower. I should find a way to make a calmer looking fire for camp fires and such~ xD
@Whip the Rabbit: Derp, just realized the other text. lol

Half the time I'll use the gradient tool for a few of the effects and a lot of layers... I'd have to make a tutorial on how I do some of these.
@Whip the Rabbit: I totally agree, Whip! I'd totally would love to be apart of that. I know a lot of cool tricks in paint net that a lot of people didn't know were even possible~ That and a shit ton of plug ins you can download and install into Paint net! <3

Example of what I can do in PDN: C:
Made the bg transparent. Sadly not all of the effects here have a transparent bg to them, some of them had to be made with a black BG.
@TouhouShake: Sadly half of the effects I had made were on a dark BG. D:

But I can certainly pick out the ones that weren't and update this upload real quick.
Just some effects I've been making for random comic shorts and such.

Feel free to use, not like I can't make something similar to these. lol

Was also inspired by the last post to put these up. Paint net can be a very useful program!
Just realized the human looking character is holding an object, a hammer? xD
@Covarr: Rooster Teeth. lol
@Moon light madness:

Did the best I could to show what I was trying to say. But I think I just made it worse... Not use to using 4 contrasts. x.x

Tried to avoid changing the style much from your own. XP

Edit: Hope it may help a little. xP
Having a hard time how to start out this comment, but I'll just start off with what I see is good. :)

I do like the character design, never seen anyone use pink for the muzzle before (I love PINK! <3 ), so this is a bit of a first for me. Hair style is cute and the shoes and gloves are stylin~

Now then, for things that can be fixed(If you want to, not everyone is obliged too decide for themselves. :P ) I'll list it out.

Shading - There's a lack of a light source here, most of it seems to be pillow shaded. If you shade it in areas where shadows would normally be, things will start to stand out so everything is more visible, even at the furthest away sprite you have there.

Contrasting - A few of the colors were done fairly well, though can still use some tweaking. (The darker pink and the blue are alright, but tweak them just a tad) The white, and the light pink, and the dark grey could be adjusted some so they stand out better.

Shoes - The shoe to the left is alright, but it looks like you copy pasted the shoe on the left (Part of it) onto the shoe to the right instead of positioning it where it should be, which would be around the front of the shoe.

But all n' all, keep up the work, Moon! Hope you don't mind the CnC and I hope it makes a decent amount of sense. lol

But yeah, I'll say I show things a lot better than I do saying. So if I may, could I take the sprite for a moment and show what I'm talking about? (Awaits permission)
@Shard: Oh, good ideas. I was thinking about making these less simpler than what they look like now, with some added details and so forth. But because it was just a game test, not a whole lot would have been done.
@Whip the Rabbit: Ah, nice! If I ever do that is. Haha. Coding can be a pain, it's something I need to learn to do better, that and making 3D art. :D
Made these real quick to test some things in Game Maker 8.1, so these aren't the best of quality I can do normally. But what I was doing was attempting to build a Game Engine for my own usage, so later on I could eventually update or create new sprites for the game to use once it got all it's functions and bugs patched up to a point.

The game was meant to be a puzzle game using these two dragons, you could switch between the characters to do certain things the other couldn't. For example: The Blue dragon is able to jump higher than the red dragon to get to higher places, with this, it means he can activate near by switches for the Red dragon to go through.

As for the Red Dragon, because blue can jump high, Red was going to be the heavy weight, so he can activate weight sensitive panels on the floor and can break through particular walls.

It was a fun thing to try out in game maker, but I need to study it more so.

Anyways, hope you guys like these simplistic sprites.

Edit: These were inspired by a game called "Gray and Green" over on Yoyogames.
He's still wearing his team rocket outfit?
@Royle McCulloch: I'm in the same train of thought. xD
@Whip the Rabbit: Haha, thanks. I do tend to sort of go back and forth with Scratch stuff to edited.
@Whip the Rabbit: Thanks for the feedback, Whip. And yeah, the white cube is where the shoulder goes. xD

The sprite is like that cause it's going to be used to make a scratch rapid punching attack.