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Whoo whoo.


You can find me on dA as MuriraRK or Tumblr as did-you-reboot. : )
Kind of an update.
It's just text. XD

This page turned out a lot better than expected. XD;
Hopefully I'll keep making them. XD

My thanks to any old readers returning, and any new ones that might show up. :D
Double update (two page update)
Soooo. HERE YOU GO. End of the chapter.

October 28th, 2011
Sorry, guys, but it has to happen.
Lexcore just isn't working out anymore.

So when I started this thing, it was 2005 and both my art and writing powers were weak. The first chapter is a very good indication of that. I've learned a lot these past six years, and with that, I want to turn Lexcore into something I can be really proud of.

What does this mean for Lexcore, anyway?

- Updated character designs! Bezel's hair in particular was bothering me because LOGIC, WHAT'S THAT. And what the hell was going on with Hinhan's hair. Seriously.

- Streamlined story! The first chapter is kinda lame. New first chapter will be action. Prologue will be mostly unchanged.

- Cleaner art! As you can see from the doodles above, my art isn't quite so sucky anymore. Lexcore will now be all-digital, because inking and scanning and all that was kinda stressful and time-consuming (and eraser shavings everywhere D:). Also, I can proportion the new pages so that they can be printed. :D

Anyway. I want to thank all the readers who might still be checking on this. It truly means a lot to me that you guys liked Lexcore enough to follow it, and it's just as much for you guys that I want to make this trainwreck of a comic into something fit for readers like you. : )

I'm not sure when I'll get started on the revamp, but in the meantime, you can see my arts or talk to me in these places:

- Tumblr (currently on a Portal high -- most art and doodles posted on my Tumblr are Portal-related)
- deviantART
- And on SJ, of course. I'm still updating my Pokemon comic, Entropy, and the most recent pages there are probably a good indicator of the lineart that Lexcore will probably have (Lexcore will have cleaner lines and maybe tones, though).

And again. My thanks to you readers. I never would've stuck with it this long if it weren't for you guys. : )
Sorry, sprained my ankle so the updates stopped cuz it was uncomfortable to draw.

And then I played Portal 2.

The rest is history. XD
So I got distracted from Lexcore when I sprained my ankle. I sprained it like...almost two months ago and it's STILL swollen. Anyway, it was hard to draw for a while since I had to keep my foot up, and then I ended up finishing Portal 2 and then got even MORE sidetracked from comics.

I hope the tones look okay. Tried something new on Bezel in the second-to-last panel. XD;

ANYWAY. I'm running out of lineart, guys. XD; Gotta draw more...

I have some Portal comics up over at XD
Double update
I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to finish this soon. Anyway, today was a double update.

That kind of "I have to be strong!" BS always got me in Pokemon and other anime/games. It will be addressed further. XD

Locoroco1 and mosama, go back one page to see my replies to your comments. : D
The emo won't last long. Promise.

Also, by "it happens," I meant that Pokemon can die in battle. Just that it never happened in a championship battle. XD Just wanted to clarify in case it looked contradictory.

@ locoroco1: Suicide pact?

@ mosama: It's just italicized Anime Ace. I like how its italicized version looks over its regular one, so maybe that's why you didn't recognize it? : ) You can get it here:
Gonna finish this chapter soon. D: I'M GONNA DO IT.
Also, kinda on the same lines of the EV training thing, anyone do any competitive battling?

XD I think I remember getting the macho brace and stuff and never really bothered to use them. Grinding is bad enough for me...I don't think I could handle EV training as well. Haha.
Just a dramallama page.
Also, try not to kill each other in here, guys. Haha. We were just talking about type preferences.

Sooo yeah.

Anyone here do that EV/IV training thing? It's too intense for me, but it's always interesting to know who's really into it.
At least he's taking responsibility. D:
You and Pikachu both, Ash. : (

@ Foxblaze: I'm a grass-type person. I love them so much. : D

@ locoroco1: REAL LIFE IS NUZLOCKE. Grawr grawr grawr.
He's a killerrrrrr.
Ash, why you kill Venusaur? D:

Anywho, decided to start doing the pages like this. Painting them was a little stressful for me, and I feel like they didn't have much personality when I switched to SAI (GIMP doesn't run well on my computer). Anywho, I'm much happier with this.

For my faithful readers who might be out there: thanks for reading! I love you guys.

@ Foxblaze: Pikachu's ear remains unattached. : (
I'm totally on a roll. D:
The toning continues. D:

Expect the updates to slow down when I run out of scanned pages. XD;
So I was pleasantly surprised... find that I had already scanned 4 more inked Lexcore pages a few months ago. Wowio. XD Also, this one was quick to tone, too. I'm getting the hang of this quick toning. XD The shadow tone on Bezel in the last panel isn't plain grayscale...I tried using a different kinda tone to see if it'd look nicer, but it looks like plain grayscale when it's shrunken down. : (

Sol and nietoile: Thanks so much. : D It means a lot to me.

shiro: It's a-coming! : D;;
So I made a page.
WOWIO. XD Comicssss.

I'll be changing the style on the next page because this is too time consuming. XD;
Time sure flies when you care less.
I tried caring less about tones AND TWO PAGES WERE FINISHED TODAY.

Today was a double update -- please go to the previous page if you want to see my ramblings.
Wow, I finally toned a page. o__o
I had a bit of a crisis and was about to delete Lexcore and all traces of it from the internets. Then I thought better of it and thought of scrapping all the pages and redoing everything digitally and without tones. Then I thought better of that and just toned the page I already had scanned. XD;

Here was my angry attempt at digital Lexcore:

There's something weird and sterile about that lineart, even if it's just a sketchy thing. I'm not sure I like it.

@ Sol: <3 It always surprises me to find out people actually read this thing. Also, I used Javascript to randomize the colors. XD There are 4 sets.

@ lil_shiro: Nunchucks. XD

@ IceyT: Kuric is nuts. Haha.