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Just another RPG loving moongazer who occasionally fumbles around with art or writing I'll never post.

Oh, and if my name is too long I'll respond to "Hyena", just don't shorten it to "King".
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Thank you, and Goodbye.
Saddening to see this project end, but no ill will for its untimely passing.

This comic was one of the reasons I got back into the WoD, though it was not for the longest time. I still remember a few high and low points along the way, and an attempt to clarify the nature of space magic in a comment. Was a fun read while it lasted, wishing you all luck with future projects.

A simple question before you depart would be if any of the seedlings were meant to gain a legacy, familiar, or imbued item of note later on. Or if anyone we already knew had a legacy at all?
The voice acting was a nice touch, really made this update special.
I may be a bit slow to realize this, but;
Is that painting signed in the corner?
HYENA'S RULE #8; Always learn the villain's motive
It might haunt you if you don't. (Might haunt you if you do)

I've been on both sides of that rule when it broke, and it can hurt.

Imagine fighting and killing a (Stereotypical and unrealistic) Aztec priest, only to find out that those sacrifices really were what keeps the sun from going out.

My experience with that rule thankfully wasn't that severe, but in the World of Darkness, you need to keep the worst case in mind.

@G.: And yeah, we all have fun hating Amical. Or Shane, if he's still able to be called that?

(In case someone asks, yes there's an actual set of rules I keep)
@Guest: All werewolves come with some degree of rage issues, but yeah, I'd buy her as an underage Rahu.
She's Justice/Wrath, isn't she?
I mainly play Werewolf, and I'm still impressed how much rage is being expressed here.
Links back to earlier at the end.
The previous page has it too, just thought I should mention that.

Wonder if cross will get a chibi-mode for exposition, or if it's just an Amical thing.
Advice for Billy
Put some dots in survival. Well, that or put some dots in manipulation and keep someone who has dots in survival around to do it for you.
Will we see more of Ken?
I think he's my favorite NPC so far.
Is it odd that this is the new page when I get a mobile that can view the comic?
Is he implying what I think he is?
Now that they're free to talk about magic, they might as well start the exposistion.
He should probably do that for Adrestia, unless he already tried that offscreen...

Looks like it worked out for everyone so far (Except whoever died the first time Cross tried removing a collar, of course), let's see how long it takes to go downhill.
Looks like the collar's coming off.
Wonder how Amical and his crew are going to react. Pretty sure they'll notice when it's spells break.

...That's assuming this won't go all pear shaped, of course. Which is still an option.
Ken's about to ask who Hizrim is, isn't he?
Potential meltdown situation in three, two...
That's a confession of vandalism.
He should really quit while he's ahead.
This is going to be more entertaining than usual.
I hope this scene lasts for a while...
Scavenger Lord's explanation corner.
@Epicarp: I typed up a long, in depth, response, but then the net ate it.

Give me a sec, I'll fix it...

...And there. Not as polished as I'd like, but I have neither the time not the motivation to do that a second time.

First, sympathy is not just how well you know a person, at least not once you involve Space magic.

With Space magic, you could not know a person at all, but having a piece of their body, like one of their teeth, a sample of their blood, or even a lock of their hair, will give you the same ability to cast long-range spells on them, because that piece is still 'connected' to them, even if it's clearly no longer attached to their physical body. The catch, of course, is that the connection works both ways, so if you steal a lock of a Mage's hair, and they realize it, they can send spells back through the hair at you.

Space also lets you cast though other people's connections, meaning it's a matter of how well /they/ know each other. (Example; A married couple almost certainly have a particularly strong bond, so you could cast spells though the wife, but targeting the husband, and vice-versa.)

People also have connections with objects they have some personal or emotional bond to. These connections are typically weaker than the ones between people. (Example; Stealing Amical's gun would let you cast spells on him through it, because it's /his/, he cares about it on some level, and it's iconic enough that if someone knew him well enough, they'd probably recognize it as his. You'd probably find a similar connection between Asia and her notebook, or maybe even Billy with his Sweater-vest.)

Objects don't just have sympathy with people though, they also have an innate sympathetic connection to any pieces of themselves, objects that form part of a set may have a bond with the other objects in that set.
(Example; having a part from a car will let you cast spells on the car the same way having a lock of hair lets you cast spells on the person it came from, because as far as the Space Arcana cares, it's still part of that car, now if the car's owner has that part replaced, the connection may start to fade, but generally, a part is the same as the whole thing. This principal extends to objects that are somehow meant to be a set together; A knight from a chess set will have a connection to the other pieces from that particular set, and the board too, but not to every other chess set made at the same factory. A sword is linked to it's scabbard, and only that one. And a wedding ring will have a bond with the other ring used in the same wedding.)

See that last part? Well the collars are almost definitely meant to be a set, and any Space Mage can cast though that connection as long as they have at least one from that set. Asia has one of the collars.

Final note; with enough dots in Space, you can make new connections, break existing ones, and generally complicate matters, as high level mages are known to do.

The problem with telepathy
Is that people will still try and reply to you out loud.
Had us worried there.
On the other hand, good to see Asia's getting the hang of her spells.
The last arrow leads back to the previous page
Anyone else experiencing this?