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I'm a large middle-aged black woman, married with a daughter. My favorite hobbies are reading SF, Fantasy, Johnlock fanfic and webcomics (esp. M/M); watching PBS, History and the Science Channels and science shows; listening to music especially Top 50, Prog Rock and Dance.
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    Diane McFarland
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Congratulations Avery
If he's this abusive to family, think how abusive he could be to you.
Congratulations to Avery for making Slashpile's top ten "Cute Characters from M/M WebComics", mics-1-joa-and
Yes I did! It arrived here in Dayton, OH about two weeks ago in excellent shape.
Thank you for your art and time.
November 30th, 2014
This is well worth the wait. Go get caught up with real life and sleep. Have an excellent time off and see you and your boys in the New Year,
Wotabot Eyebrows?
I love the look on Avery and Richey faces in panel 4. Yes, Richey, when a woman makes a "special effort", especially one that is painful, you best notice. Congrats on gaining 300 readers in less than a year!
Perhaps a "wiry" frame is what you are looking for? Long, thin but strong muscle groups as seen on cross country runners and skiers: b03.jpg
Thank you for your art and time.
November 9th, 2014
key fob/phone/zipper charms are my favorites. Followed by bookmarks and postcards which are great for displaying at my desk.
Thank you for your art and time.
November 9th, 2014
Thank you for your art and time!
This story is amazing and I planning to stick to it to the end despite SmackJeeves hard drive crashes and my real life getting in the way of my webcomic life.
Why do I have a feeling that those lovely large dark eyes of Callum, instead of Owen's rude behavior, are going to lead to nothing but trouble for Avery?
Order done. Now the waiting...
I must say, Yaoi or not, sexually graphic or not, doesn’t matter, the past 7 pages are some of the Hottest pages I’ve seen out of the 70+ webcomics I follow. Vielen Dank für Ihre Kunst und Zeit. (I really hope the translation program I used said “thank you for your art and time.”)
Owen, Owen, Owen don’t say lines like that in front of others! The smile on Callum’s face tells me he as heard this all before from Owen. I’d love to hear the back story of how Owen ended up in this posh place with better mannered roommates.
Wow! Simply Wow.
One of the best comics I've read - web/print/yaoi/non-yaoi - doesn't matter. The story and the way you told it is just that good. Hope you continue to offer more stories either with new or current characters. Thank you for your art and time.
I loved the line: "He barely acknowledges that I'm straight, let alone you being gay". In short, as long as his family gets back out of his hair I don't think Alan cares.
Nice background and perspective work in the last frame.
I sooo want to take a wet brush through Avery's hair. Sorry, must be the mom in me...
Thank you for your story telling skills!
Is it just me or do you get a feeling you are watching a major accident about to happen?You're sitting at a red light and the turn arrow just went green. You notice a car in the turning lane start to turn but then you see a car in the cross traffic run the red light. You sit helpless watching the two cars get closer and closer. Will they stop in time, will it be just a "fender bender" or will this be awful full on collision? No matter how loudly you scream "Stop!" in your car, you know there is nothing you can do. Yet, you just can't look away, you just have to know what happens next.Yeah, this comic is just like that.
Richie you are a great brother! For some reason I just don't see Alan taking the news as well. But, I could easily be wrong. I've had gay friends tell me how surprised they were by which family members accepted vs rejected them.
Also, great use of body language in the first panel to show their personalities. Avery closed, trapped arms, tense. Richie open, arms back, relaxed.
@Biscuit: Ah, no worries. I have to scroll all my comics except for one frame or horizontal panels comics (such as, usually) because I read on a laptop. You may find most readers don't mind scrolling because of reading on a laptop, a tablet or even a phone. But unclear or messy lettering and frame/panel layout can be very irritating. Your comic has never had these problems and I am very grateful. Thank you!
@Biscuit: Oh yes, I know from the Beatles! I just never knew "scousers" was a nickname for Liverpudlians. Learn something new every day.
Flowers after flowers...
But it is so well done. Beautiful art! Thank you for your art and time.
I think the size is fine. It nicely displays the details of your artwork and the text is easy to read. Sometimes I think artists forget about readability. Of course, it is Your comic and your decision. As always, thank you for your art and time.
What is a "scouse" accent? Is there an actor/character you could point me to? I can google the name and take a listen. Also, thank you for having person of color character - and a nice one at that. It is rarer than you think, sad to say.