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I'm a large middle-aged black woman, married with a daughter. My favorite hobbies are reading SF, Fantasy, Johnlock fanfic and webcomics (esp. M/M); watching PBS, History and the Science Channels and science shows; listening to music especially Top 50, Prog Rock and Dance.
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    Diane McFarland
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Great perspective of Joa in panel 4. Love Joa's half lidded eyes and the tips of his fans showing. And yeah...Wowzers!
Many Western vampires cannot cross or stay past a threshold that they were not welcomed or at least given permission to cross. Angie rescinded the invitation thus Joa is compelled to past back over the threshold. Beautifully handled and drawn Nieidanine. As always. Thank you for your art and time.
Joa in the last frame - beautiful. He looks amazing, calm, cool, collected and in charge of this moment.
How is this hotter than them kissing? Dylan's face in the last panel - wowzers!
Adore the "as you wish" line. I can see Joa talking Dylan into watching "Princess Bride" together. Joa slow sweet smile when Dylan gets the real meaning behind "as you wish".
The middle panel is perfect! I laughed till I had tears. Nothing gets past Angie.
I've never heard of, let alone seen, fireworks in winter. I bet the colors are beautiful against the snow. That last panel is amazing. Love how you have the red and white explosions appear to be coming from each of them.
Thank you for your art and time.
Thank you for giving us five years of the best comic on the web or in print. Kiitos taidetta ja aikaa. (I hope Google Translate gets it right!)
As for their anniversary celebration, I see them having an fun evening in. Play a few video games. Joa cooks for Dylan, Dylan feeds Joa then watch a comedy movie or two in bed. Slow love making and falling asleep spooned together to end the evening.
Thank You again for your art and time.
@ Nieidanine - Please consider the sofa panel the next time you are thinking about adding to your Red Bubble page. I'd buy it on a body pillow, key/zipper pull tag, sticker - you name it. I adore the perspective and the touch of red at the feeding site on Dylan's wrist and Joa's tear stained eyes.
@ Butter-bane - Perfectly said!
Amazing = This Art + This Story
Love the Star Wars poster. Yes, Joa, the R2D2 mittens were a perfect gift.
Watching you build the shadows was amazing. You are the Master of Light and Shadow.
Congratulations Avery
If he's this abusive to family, think how abusive he could be to you.
Congratulations to Avery for making Slashpile's top ten "Cute Characters from M/M WebComics", cs-1-joa-and
#1 in Cuteness
Dylan taking the initiative to sneak a kiss - just too cute for words!
Speaking of cute, Congratulations to Dylan and Joa for making Slashpile's top ten "Cute Characters from M/M WebComics", cs-1-joa-and
Yes I did! It arrived here in Dayton, OH about two weeks ago in excellent shape.
Thank you for your art and time.
The look on Dylan's face in the last panel is priceless. His "I'm Cool, This is Cool, Keepin' it Cool" expression is great. Now, its just a matter of how long will it last.
November 30th, 2014
This is well worth the wait. Go get caught up with real life and sleep. Have an excellent time off and see you and your boys in the New Year,
Wotabot Eyebrows?
I love the look on Avery and Richey faces in panel 4. Yes, Richey, when a woman makes a "special effort", especially one that is painful, you best notice. Congrats on gaining 300 readers in less than a year!
Yes, Dylan it is a big deal!
Now we know that vampires can blush and a very cute blush it is!
Oh Dylan, you have the internet. You can solve this problem of "what to do” with a few clicks! If I can find a copy of “The Joy of Gay Sex” I’ll send it to you for Christmas. I think it will answer most of you detail…with pictures. ;-) And yes, just like in your dreams with your eyes closed and neck exposed, you have to trust your partner.
Nieidanine - beautiful detail in the second panel, the frosted window, the snow and glow from the street lamps. It was great watching you create it.
Perhaps a "wiry" frame is what you are looking for? Long, thin but strong muscle groups as seen on cross country runners and skiers: 3.jpg
Thank you for your art and time.